March 2018

Welcome to Issue 34, March 2018: Dragon’s Lair

You are cordially invited to enter the lair in this month’s ‘Fashion Feast’: Dragon’s Lair, where the dream duo - Beth Jones and Hilary Jones - created a magical, mythical dragon.

Visit ‘In The Spotlight’ to read all about the owner of - Younique with Gemma Price.

We have a lively and breathtakingly frank ‘Ladies With Attitude’ discussion. “If you were a man for the day, what would you do and why? ” Filmed at The Hyst in front of a live audience, this is not one to be missed!

And be sure to check out your “Fashionscope” predictions for this month.

In this month’s ‘Beauty Warrior’ feature, I undergo an Indian Head Massage in my quest to slow down the ageing process and grow old as gracefully as possible!

Also we have must-read columns from Tara Hammett (Fitness & Wellbeing), Christie Heaven (Foodie), the extra-celestial Angie Barnett with her extraordinary psychic powers...are you a believer? #CosmicWhisper; and Debbie Buss, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach, who is ready to equip you with your very own superpowers, to help guide you through the year, as you deal with the daily grind of day to day life…

Studio Heaven is now open for business, so head on over to our new Business Directory and take a look at our latest offer!

AND - drum roll please…the fabulously decadent and divine Lady P is back from her latest travels and is ready to divulge all the goss from her recent visit to the Munich Strong Beer Festival Starkbierzeit! Heaven help us…

I hope you enjoy this month’s bumper issue…

P.S. REMEMBER: Time marches on in the UK. Clocks go forward one hour to British Summer Time (BST) on Sunday 25 March. Bye bye beauty sleep; hello SS18 wardrobe! And don’t go too mad on the Easter eggs!!