March 2018

Debbie Buss

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

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Home is where the heart is ………

With my work as an intuitive life coach, I help my clients to change their lives and to identify their dreams, by helping them to access their intuition.

I help them by using powerful questions to tap into their inner core and being, to find out why they are struggling to create the money they need, and if they know how to really communicate with their partners, while simultaneously achieving deeper healing and peace, using techniques and exercises to get the results they want. It is not about quick fixes and false promises of ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

I know how to take a business from zero to six figures in under 12 months, because I’ve done it. Twice. With hard work, dedication and 27 years of customer service experience; and being honest with myself that when the going gets tough - and it will - it is how you move and shift from negative energy to positive energies.

I decided to interview powerful, strong women to ask them what were their strategies when the sh*t hit the fan?! How did they cope? What struggles and challenges did they face?

The first lady I approached was none other than the fabulous lady herself Emma Heaven. You will get to read that interview this month, and many more over the coming months. My aim is to find out what makes them tick and where do they call home.

There is a saying ‘Home is where the heart is’ - this can be a metaphor of where and with whom you place your heart. Your manifested reality, everything you are experiencing right now, is the result of the meanings and stories you tell yourself, your experiences and your life. The minute we notice something and give it meaning, we stop the movement of potential and we manifest it into our reality.

Think of a tree’s roots which are solidly planted into the ground, yet its branches can bend in strong gales and hurricanes, whereas a rigid structure like a building would come crashing down. Consider how the tree remains supple yet secure when everything around it may be in shambles.

When you become flexible with your thoughts and ideas, and embrace new meanings instead of your old beliefs, you have the potential to create something different. You will become adaptable to learn new things, become more receptive and say ‘yes’ to opportunities that come forward, but just like the tree, you are firmly grounded in who you are.

There is a catch! You do need to put the work in, in a fun and creative way and work with your body and its energy, to allow them to become aligned with who you are and what you really want. It’s not enough to just ‘change your mind and create a different reality’.

Therefore, some manifesting techniques taught to us over the years don’t really work permanently. You can change your mind and your focus and get small results. But if you really want to experience a state of abundance you need to do more than change your mind.

· Be curious - stay open and aware.
· Let go of the rigidity - you don’t always have to be right or prove a point.
· Compromise - you can still get your needs met.
· Become flexible with your thoughts.
· Don’t tell the Universe what you want, come from a stance of wonder and curiosity. ‘Amazing health and wellness in my life would look like…’
· Change the story, change the meaning; write a new story, redefine your identity, your past and your dreams for the future.

Be willing to be flexible, and when the challenges arise, come from them with a new story and belief; watch and wait for the miracles that are already around you to surface, dream big and love the life you live…

Here is the interview with the amazing and unstoppable force of nature that is Emma Heaven. Grab a cuppa, or something stronger, and enjoy!

She was politely asked to leave College for being a party animal!

interview photoWhen it comes to inherent strength Emma Heaven packs a punch. She is a whirlwind of enthusiasm and passion for her magazine. So armed with a bottle of prosecco, I sat down to interview this fabulous lady, to find out what makes her tick, what drives her, and what prompted her to start the magazine nearly three years ago.

After enrolling in college, Emma soon realised that this wasn’t for her! What with her partying ways and meeting her now husband, college soon took a back seat and she was politely asked to leave.

There was a dilemma as Emma’s two passions in life are fashion and Formula 1. For her to continue funding her passion for fashion Emma had to look for a job, or two, which saw her working at her local McDonald’s and as an administrative assistant in the DVLA.

Knowing her as I do I was surprised to learn this and could never imagine her stuck behind a desk or serving up fries, but her passion for fashion was the driving force.

She went on to marry Adrian and they had two children, but tragedy struck shortly when her 2 ½ year old son was injured and Emma became his carer.

Knowing how hard it was to survive with one wage, Emma soon moved into direct selling and the world of Ann Summers, where she quickly became successful. She was soon headhunted to work for the Body Shop, before moving on to the uber glamorous lifestyle at Richard Branson’s Virgin Cosmetics.

This is where Emma found her forte; from the time she started to when she left the company she was a top recruiter and won some incredible prizes for her hard work. Besides spending time with the man himself, Richard Branson, life soon became a rollercoaster of travelling around the world, to having Tiffany close its store so that Emma and her band of ‘sales Virgins’ could shop privately.

Emma says “we became ladies that brunched every day, to winning around the world holidays, the life was very glamorous and so much fun.” This was the start of her love of high end fashion, looking for unique pieces to suit her unique and individual style.

Although she loved her job and the lifestyle that came with it, it was also a lonely place; Emma soon learnt some tough lessons as to whom she could or couldn’t trust in order to succeed within the company. The bubble had burst. As she turned 40, Emma woke up and realised "my life had been on hold for 20 years, working for someone else and I wasn’t really enjoying it any more; what did I actually want to do with my life?”

With her love for fashion, Emma came up with the idea to start her own online magazine, not really knowing how it was going to work, but that she had to start somewhere.

Shortly after the decision to create the magazine, more heartache lay ahead. While on holiday in the Maldives she received the most devastating news that her precious Dad had passed away; despite being surrounded by such beauty and luxury, it was absolutely nothing compared to the realisation that she had lost her support system, her Dad, the man who had got her into her other passion, Formula 1, the bond they shared and his support of her pursuing her dreams.

Emma returned home. “I felt that I was entering the twilight zone. 24 hours earlier I was in the Maldives, and now I am standing here in the mortuary looking at my Dad.”

Realising how precious life is and how it can be taken away from you, she continued to push ahead with the launch of her online magazine, knowing she had the support and under the watchful guidance of her Dad. In June 2015 was born, with Emma catapulted into the limelight and the fast paced life of producing and publishing an online magazine.

Her initial target audience was for ladies over-40 like herself, appealing to real women, with real life challenges and lives. Emma’s vision was for her readers to see her ‘warts and all’.

Running a magazine is the same as running any other business. You still have challenges and lessons to learn; dealing with people who wanted greater involvement in the magazine was probably one of her biggest challenges. She has a close circle of friends and confidantes whom she can trust and turn to for support within the magazine - “I have created a family of fantastic people who are the best in their field, each one unique and different and make the magazine real for real women to read, where they can learn about themselves. It’s raw and it’s honest.”

As to the ‘who, where, why, what and how?’ does Emma get her fashion inspirations, ideas and creativity from for the magazine.

Rachel Zoe is her fashion icon. “She is effortless, and I WOULD KILL FOR HER WARDROBE”. J Lo is also one of her iconic inspirations and Emma loves her natural style.

Intrigued by her creativity and ideas for the magazine, does she have downloads, or do they come in waves? Her best ideas are on a beach with a cocktail and a notepad. She was once told to be quiet on a plane by her own husband because she was giggling so loudly as she fizzed with ideas and inspiration.

Her love and dedication for her magazine pours out of her, and she is justifiably proud of what she and her team produce. It is a collaboration of talent coming together, the magazine has a global following, and her husband was at a meeting recently in Donnington where the Ladies With Attitude (LWA) were mentioned!

Since its very first edition to where it’s at now, the magazine has evolved, adapted and changed so much, as Emma embraces the changes that come with its growth, and moreso with nearly 60,000 readers and followers worldwide!

However Emma maintains that the magazine’s origins and core values remain unchanged, giving it its strong foundations to build on - it is designed and written by and for real people, and she wants her readers to feel glamorous, no matter where in the world they are, and catering to many tastes.

Emma loves celebrating different cultures. Her Bollywood issue gained her many followers in India; then fast forward to last month’s issue which was an homage to Mexico’s Day of the Dead. It’s a magazine for everyone. I can’t wait to see where her pin lands on the world map next!

So, what does the future hold for! Who knows!!! But with this wonderful, whacky and generous lady at the helm, I think we’re guaranteed yet more glam, crystal-encrusted adventures. Get your sunglasses at the ready. Don’t say you’ve not been warned!

After laughing and crying together throughout the interview, to having her son Facetime us, it was a hilarious and heartfelt afternoon. I am delighted to work with Emma and for the time to get to know her, sharing with you, that much more.

To round off the interview, here’s three inspirational pieces of advice from the lady herself:

1. Be the best possible version of you; life isn’t a dress rehearsal go for it!
2. Embrace life and all its beauty; it is fantastic to be alive.
3. Be grateful for what you have got as life is so precious and always strive for more.

I have been inspired. I hope you have too. Thank you Emma Heaven for being you and an inspiration to all.

Love Debbie

Quotes to be put as headlines

‘I am standing next to body beautiful and I don’t give a sh*t!’
‘Women are always trying to get those fast fixes but it’s quite simple really - eat less and move more!’
‘Life’s too short to not glam up and party.’
‘I have the best in the business and I encourage them to showcase their talent.’

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