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Younique with Gemma Price

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am passionate about the Direct Selling Industry as I was a part of it for many years with several different companies; giving me a fabulous income opportunity with flexible working hours, and at a time when I really needed it!

Even though I’m no longer part of that industry, I admire and support those who embrace the fabulous opportunity that they are given. A rewarding career awaits those who are prepared to put in the hard work and dare to dream big.

So I am pleased to introduce you to Gemma Price. Over to you Gemma!

 Hi, I’m Gemma Price, the boss of; I run my business as ‘Younique with Gemma Price’.

I am a mum to one beautiful daughter, working with vulnerable people as a Housing Law Caseworker. While I love my part-time job, it is a little low on the glamorous factor!

story photo 1I was looking for something to do with my spare time and I wanted to be part of something big! I wanted my own business, to set my own hours, and pursue my own income. I was introduced to Younique and I felt this was my time. I am passionate about makeup and beauty, and I want to share that passion with others.

The Younique founders firmly believe that all women should feel valued, smart and empowered through opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. This was the ‘something big’ I was searching for and I haven’t looked back since. It wasn’t expensive to set up my business, I had all the support and training from day one and had beautiful cosmetics in my Presenter Kit My success in a bag! Further kit details below.

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

Love it. Share it. Live it.

Every day, hundreds of women experience the excitement of joining a family of like-minded women who inspire them to reach their true potential and achieve the things they’ve always dreamed of in a supportive, safe family environment. From day one of setting up my business, as a brand-new Younique Presenter I joined the family and I immediately started selling the products through my very own simple, yet feature-rich, e-commerce store.

Younique is the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media and the traditional home party business model. A Younique Virtual Party has no limits to your reach or who you can invite.

Nature, Love, Science.

Younique’s cosmetics development processes utilize scientific research to ensure that the products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin. The result is a beautifully efficacious product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type. Younique begins by looking to Mother Nature for the inspiration behind the cosmetics. Younique has an in-house scientific team that formulates a product that honours that inspiration while delivering cutting-edge cosmetics. Youniques goal is to provide healthy, clean and pure cosmetics.

Some of the questions I get asked:
story photo 2· Do I need to wear makeup every day?
· Do I need to be a makeup artist?
· Are there penalties if I don’t want to keep selling?
· Does it cost a ton of money to set up?
· Do I need to grow a team?
· Will I have to learn this all by myself?
· Do I have to have to pay for monthly authorship?
· Do I need to carry an inventory?
· Do I have to pay for a website?
· Will I regret signing up?

If you haven’t figured it out by now……. the answer is NO to all the questions above.

The Presenter Kit – Success in a bag

story photo 3What’s in the kit?
· Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes + Lash enhancer
· Moodstruck Epic Mascara
· Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum
· Moodstruck Precision pencil eyeliner – Perfect
· Moodstruck pressed shadow quad palette
· Moodstruck pressed shadow refill – Agile
· Moodstruck pressed shadow refill – Fervent
· Moodstruck pressed shadow refill – Optimistic
· Moodstruck pressed shadow refill – Slick
· Moodstruck Splurge cream shadow – Tenacious
· Younique angled shadow/sponge brush
· Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss – Lovesick
· Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick – Stubborn
story photo 4· Royalty Exfoliating Mask
· Younique Royalty Mask Samples ( 1 sachet of each mask, Oil Control, Detoxifying and Exfoliating)
· Touch Minerals Foundation Sample Card
· White Status Charm
· Zenprint Promotional Card
· March 2018 Catalogue
· Welcome Card
· Younique Foundation Card
· Business/Opportunity Card
· Fast Start Card
· Younique-branded, purple faux leather makeup bag

Presenter Kit Price £69 (Value £232)

I’m a firm believer in, if you believe in what you sell and are passionate about the products that you represent, you can become successful. I have been running my business for just two months. I’ve already had a promotion and almost at my second promotion. I’m running a business from the comfort of my own home, working the hours around what suits me and my family, earning an additional income, making myself look and feel glamorous, but most importantly sharing it with others.

Once in a while something comes along that changes everything. I’m a part of something epic, since joining Younique I feel more empowered, uplifted and confident to go all the way to making this my only source of income and that is achievable. I’m loving what I’m doing and living life glamorously.

Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful, Be Beautiful inside and out!

To find out more, or to get in touch, you can find me here:

Facebook Group – Glamorous Makeup Instagram –
Website –

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