March 2018

Feed Me

Welcome to your monthly slice of #FoodHeaven: Feed Me.


Hello, hello fellow foodies, welcome back to another delectable edition of #FeedMe! The column where I - Christie Heaven - will be filling my face with the most mouthwatering treats that South Wales has to offer.

I’ve been booted out of the kitchen and back in search of a place to scintillate my taste buds! Turns out I didn’t have to travel far, because a mere 10 minutes from my doorstep is a gem of a place which captured my foodie heart and soul. The 449 Sandwich & Coffee Shop, sitting humbly on the lively school streets of Brynhyfryd; but don’t be fooled into thinking only a good cuppa and a simple sarnie are all that’s on offer. You couldn’t be more wrong!


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In the kitchen of 449, a fiery passion for food resides in the father/daughter duo that’s refreshing and infectiously exciting. Their menu is chock full of heart-warming classics while brimming with creatively interesting ideas to entice customers to try something new and delicious. No wait, don’t go just yet! I’ve only got started. Our welcome at 449 was followed by a FOOD BONANZA.

First, I was thrown into the taste bud deep end with a slice of homemade lemon cheesecake. One word...YUM! We’re talking a delectable, buttery biscuit base topped with a smooth, fluffy creaminess, infused with a moreish, tangy hit of lemon. So how good was it? Well Emma, who had joined me for this foodie foray, kicked her diet to the sidelines to have a spoonful… Or two… Or three. But then who’s counting?!? #CheesecakeRoyalty

In a blink of an eye, this charming coffee shop had transformed into a hive of activity and I’m convinced owner Carly is infused with a cooking superpower. We hadn’t even tucked into the main dish before we were served the most scrumptious, homemade tomato soup that I have EVER tasted. Every single spoon of seasoned, fresh and full-bodied soup was addictive and worth becoming a regular for alone. I could just picture myself with a bowl, book in hand watching the rain from the shop window… #FoodBliss

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With soup savoured and slurped, it was on to the main event! A lamb kofta and onion bhaji baguette served with a yoghurt and mint dressing. These koftas, made from scratch with fresh ingredients were stunningly spiced, paired with a zesty dressing and a crispy salad. Did I mention their homemade coleslaw? Forget about ending a boozy night as an excuse to tuck into a kebab. You can get these intense flavours fresh and delish from 449 Sandwich & Coffee Shop!

Fresh, fresh and more fresh! This is what’s unbelievably refreshing and fantastic to taste on 449’s menu. From lasagne to luxury hot chocolate drinks, and buttery, herb seasoned jacket potatoes, there’ll be something to satisfy the entire family at this fabulous eatery. Pssst...the pasty pie is to DIE for.

Make 449 Sandwich & Coffee Shop your go-to destination and #GetYourFoodieOn at this passionate and fine foodie establishment at 449 Llangyfelach Road, Brynhyfryd
SA5 9lN Swansea, United Kingdom. Phone:
01792 410309

Do you have a taste sensation for us to try? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and get in touch!

Video filmed and edited by: Shannon Heaven

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