April 2020

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With all that’s happening around the world right now and everyone having to adapt to a new way of life, here at the magazine is no exception.

Most of the team were unable to get to #StudioHeaven for filming, so the way we usually work has had to be modified. And the majority of small independent businesses we ordinarily like to feature are in an understandable state of flux.

With so much uncertainty and upheaval, we thought we’d pare it back a tad and ‘keep it simple’ this month, with a retrospective of this magazine since its inception.

I sent out a request to #TeamHeaven, asking them to reflect on previous issues, and to tell me what stood out for them. What was their ‘wow’ moment? What feature made them gasp, shake their head in disbelief, or left them spellbound!? We can be such a dramatic group at times...!

For me, it was fascinating to see what they came back with, and now I’m going to share with you some of the team’s personal highlights.

Amy, our baker extraordinaire, chose the photo shoot from our September 2019 issue: The United Colours Of Pride.

“The colours, the make-up and the whole team were totally amazing.”

photo 1 amy

Wendy, from The LWA, went with the photo shoot from our October 2019 issue: The Master.

“It absolutely frightened the life out of me, I had to look at it between my fingers!”

photo 2 wendy

Sharon, another LWA panellist, picked a Beauty Warrior feature - The Fibroblast Treatment 3 from our July 2018 issue: This Is Me.

“I chose the fibroblast treatment because of its amazing results; but mostly I love the ‘7 days after treatment’ filming because it shows people how they will look during and after the procedure.”

photo 3 sharon

Jo Pope, our yoga guru, chose the May 2018 issue: Fallen Angel photo shoot.

“It totally freaks me out!”

photo 4 jo

Julie, our Menopausal Hottie, favoured the photo shoot from the November 2019 issue: Forever Autumn.

“It was absolutely stunning, capturing the moment perfectly.”

photo 5 julie

Beth, our fabulous makeup and SFX artist, not entirely surprisingly pounced upon the May 2019 issue: Blood Red Roses photo shoot!

“It’s both glamorous AND gory, and the headpiece and hair pulls the look together so it moulds really well, and I LOVE the bloodied neck!”

photo 6 beth

Christie, from the LWA, declared the May 2017 issue: Graffiti photo shoot was her personal fave.

“The lights and colours were just awesome”.

photo 7 christie

Shannon, our graphics/front cover designer, was mesmerised by the photo shoot from our August 2017 issue: Mythical.

“My favourite is definitely the mermaid shoot. I loved that one!”

photo 8 shannon

Den, our copy editor, singled out an In The Spotlight interview with Joolz Raven Stewart from our June 2018 issue: African Queen.

“I had goosebumps reading Joolz’s story, taking extra care and time to do her uplifting venture justice”.

photo 9 denise

I wonder if any of these are your magazine ‘wow’ moments?

Rest assured that this magazine will continue to entertain you all with more ‘wow’ moments, spectacular photo shoots, inspirational features, humour and laughter, that make up the bonkers world of the Emma Heaven Online Magazine.

We look forward to reacquainting ourselves - in the not too distant future - with the hotbed of local talent and independents, to shine the spotlight on them once more.


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