January 2018

Welcome to Issue 32, January 2018: Make A Wish

You are cordially invited to savour our latest sumptuous ‘Fashion Feast’: Make A Wish, where the dream team of Beth Jones, Kris Brown and Sarah Heaven created this month’s magic.

Visit ‘In The Spotlight’ to read all about Sharon Lewis the talented owner of Bella Beauty, making beauty wishes come true.

Opening several bottles in their search for a genie - well that’s how they explained the empties… we have a livelier than normal (whatever’s normal?!) ‘Ladies With Attitude’ discussion. “If a genie granted you three wishes, what would those wishes be?” Filmed at The Hyst in front of a live audience, this is not one to be missed!

And be sure to check out your new year “Fashionscope” predictions for this month.

In this month’s quest to slow down the ageing process, I undergo a non surgical facelift in our regular ‘Beauty Warrior’ feature.

Also we have must-read columns from Tara Hammett (Fitness & Wellbeing), Christie Heaven (Foodie), the extra-celestial Angie Barnett with her extraordinary psychic powers...are you a believer? #CosmicWhisper; and Debbie Buss, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach, who is ready to equip you with your very own superpowers, to help you deal with the daily grind of day to day life - especially as the new year unfolds…

With a new year and new beginnings, so it follows there will be some endings.

Farewell and bon voyage to Cross Stitch Bitch and her angelic alter ego Cross Stitch Not A Bitch. #TeamHeaven wishes them the very best in their respective caustic and calming endeavours, as they head off kicking and bickering (sisterly love eh?) towards new horizons...Thank you for keeping us in stitches in more ways than one! Stay sassy Stitches and play nice!!

And finally, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our new and latest Ministry Of Glamour winner - Julie Reason - one of the most beautiful and bravest ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.

I hope you enjoy this month’s bumper issue…

***Coming up next month***

A new columnist joins #TeamHeaven. For now our lips are sealed about her identity.

We guarantee there’s never a dull moment when she’s around.

Deliciously bittersweet, yet the right side of indiscreet..