January 2018

Debbie Buss

Is life passing you by?

Hello I'm Debbie Buss. I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. My passion is working with women, helping them to get back into their forgotten bodies.

*Warning: This column contains strong language and adult content!

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It’s time to ‘Get out of your head and come from your heart’

I can’t believe we are already in 2018! Hope you all had a restful not stressful Christmas and New Year.

As I was approaching the last few days of 2017, I started to take a look back at the year and I had forgotten quite what a year it had been. For me personally 2017 was all about growth and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve cried buckets, but also laughed lots, shared dreams, discovered who I am, and what my story is all about.

Do you have a story to tell? Was 2017 the year you made a difference to you, personally, professionally, relationships?

Is there a story?

Who is listening?

What will your story be for 2018?

We all have a story to tell. It’s who we are, why we are here, the lessons to learn and the blessings to share.

Sometimes though we have to rewire the programme we call life and start to look at what we create each day. Is this the truth of who you are in your head? Are you speaking from truth and authenticity? which comes from the ‘heart centre’ not the mind.

Have you noticed that things are starting to change our old ways of survival? Our intuition, based in fear, is starting to evolve; and leaving the fear behind, we are learning to feel again. We are starting to rise up and speak out.

The planet, quite frankly, is f**ked and Mother Nature is seriously pi**ed off. I am sickened by what is happening across the world. Our oceans are filled with debris. The devastation left over from wars, surrounded and stemmed by so much hate. The abuse to our children, animals and the elderly.

I read an article recently which mentioned how many sunsets will we have seen in our lifetime. It really made me sad to think, ‘how many have I not noticed when I have been too busy to look?’ Then it got me to thinking...We only have a few sunrises and sunsets to watch, only a few moons left to embrace...

It’s time we start to ‘get out of our heads and come from the heart’. So I invite you to help me to help you to change the world. And the only way we can do this is to start with you.

We are all so conditioned by life and our daily judgement of others, so let’s get back to basics:

  • Less stress.
  • Less frustration.
  • Less anger.

Instead have:

  • More joy.
  • More peace; and the freedom to live the way we are designed to live.
  • Detach, forgive, heal and let go of all the old stories we believe about ourselves, the self-limiting beliefs about our life. Rising above the ‘stories’ to find the truth and let the rest go. 

What new stories are you ready to tell about who you truly are? And how will you align your life with these stories?

Social media is overloaded with posts such as ‘change your mindset, change you’ or ‘map your life and goals on vision boards’.

Now I’m all for these tools, but in order to get what you want, you have to know what you want.

You have to believe you can have it and you have to take guided action to get it. It is the emotions which drive the creative process.

No amount of affirmations and pictures stuck onto vision boards or books will work unless you feel it and envision it; not from your mind, but from your heart centre.

Really feel that dream or the vision of what you want. New car, more money, career change.

You have to look within and imagine how you will feel when you get it. Engage with curiosity.

Ask yourself questions. Listen and feel from the heart centre and sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the powerhouse and the life force energy of the body. (It is the second of the seven chakras, located in your lower abdomen).

  • You will only create what you believe.
  • What do you need to do in order to create?
  • What is keeping you from it? Keep your wants open ended.

Every day is a new creation. My greatest contribution to the planet is to be the fullest expression of myself as myself. This is my new story and so I invite you to write your new story.

  1. Are there places where you hold yourself back from fully expressing yourself? What will it take for you to step into your fullest expression?
  2. What does the word "legacy" mean to you? Are you leaving an authentic legacy?
  3. Are there limiting beliefs and experiences you need to release in order to more deeply express your authenticity? What do you need to do?

Go within and have fun with it. Life is about waiting to respond to what the universe has in store for you. And while you wait, take every moment to cherish the life you have.

Would you like to receive a free copy of your ‘You by design energy chart’? This is the blueprint of you. Just send me an email with your full name, date of birth, exact time of your birth (I need this to calculate your unique chart) and where you were born to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy this new year and start exploring the many opportunities that are waiting.

Much love

Debbie xx


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