July 2016

Welcome to Issue 14 July 2016 - a visual feast for the eyes.

This Brazilian Carnival issue is inspired by the Rio Olympics. The fashion shoot is a riot of colour, mad hair & makeup AND we have the fabulous dance troupe Velvet Lane samba their way through The Spice Girls. Girl Power! You can see all the madness and mayhem in Lights...Camera...Action and throughout the magazine.

I have interviews with Velvet Lane and Claire Hanney who is one of The Cappuccino Girls.

Plus columns from Jenna Kelly, Tara Hammett, Hilary Jones, Josh Thompson, Cross Stitch Bitch and Jodie Grove.

AND don’t forget to enter our exciting competition to become the next member of The Ministry Of Glamour.

I hope you enjoy....


Cross Stitch Bitch

I will let her explain who she is and what she’s all about. HOWEVER - I must stress that she uses ‘fruity language’ and ‘sexual references’ A LOT!

So, if this is not ‘your thing’ and you are easily offended, then please DO NOT READ ON!

You have been warned - so proceed at your own risk!


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