December 2022

Welcome to Issue 91 ~ December 2022: Frozen

Let’s begin by inviting you to enter this month’s Dream Factory spectacular photo shoot ~ ‘Frozen’, inspired by the lyrics of that very same-named song by Madonna, with the message “you’re frozen, when your heart’s not open”. To open your heart and mind to all the wonderful possibilities that life has to offer.

The Ladies With Attitude ~ our panel of straight-talking ladies, with a great sense of humour, who are discussing ~ “You are cryogenically frozen, then defrosted in the year 2123 ~ what does the world look like?”

The Zodiac Zingers are here to guide your month ahead ~ failure to comply with this essential and life-changing advice may result in us calling the celestial police to arrest you for a sense of humour failure.

The fabulously decadent & divine ‘Lady P’ ~ this month she’s considering whether or not to freeze her assets, and for once, it’s not a plaintive cry for financial restraint from her long suffering Daddy! However, hot-blooded males (and females) may wish to not look away…

FUNNY FEATURE ALERT: Looking for an interview with a difference? This will be no ordinary interview. And it’s not for the faint-hearted ~ this is an Interview with the Drag Queen.

This month’s inspirational features:

Extra-celestial Angie Barnett, with her extraordinary psychic powers. Are you a believer? #CosmicWhisper

Resident hypnotherapist ~ the spiritual and holistic Joolz Raven Stewart ~ introduces us to a guided meditation feature, with the goal of equipping you to deal with every emotion and mood, helping you lead a more fulfilled, balanced, healthier life. They form part of the: Emotion & Mood Meditation Archives ~ ‘EMMA’ for short.

‘Menopausal Hotties’ returns with the ‘Hotties Menopause Manual’, where we share our insights on the challenges and joys, capturing the accompanying highs, lows and undulations of the many symptoms of the menopause.

Making finance fun and a little less daunting…we have our resident financial expert ~ Danni Watts-Jones ~ she is on hand to help you look after the health of your wealth and money matters, and give you the confidence to navigate life’s financial highs and lows.

We welcome spiritual and Reiki healer ~ Jamie Worcester ~ with his powerful, healing words ~ you could say they are ‘Worcester’s Words of Wisdom’.

In One Woman…One Vision ~ you can view our latest campaign video ~ We are ~ which tells you exactly what this magazine is all about, in our own unique, special way!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to some more fabulous businesses featured in this month’s Business Showcase.

Enjoy this month’s extravaganza ~ we will see you with a fabulous new issue on Monday 16th January.

Be part of something special…and be part of the magic…


Ladies With Attitude - “You are cryogenically frozen, then defrosted in the year 2123 - what does the world look like?”

Introducing Ladies With Attitude (LWA)

The LWA is a panel of strong, straight-talking ladies with a great sense of humour. We get together once a month to discuss a ‘killer question’ on varied topics such as marriage, sex, diets, online dating and anything else we can think of. Even the controversial stuff! Nothing is taboo...

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