March 2020

Welcome to Issue 58 ~ March 2020: My Bonkers Brain

We invite you to enter the ‘Dream Factory’ to witness this month’s spectacular photo shoot ~ ‘My Bonkers Brain’. YES dear readers, you get to take a peek inside my head and witness my brain, in all its technicolour bonkers glory!

We have a typical bonkers ‘Ladies With Attitude’ discussion, where we reveal “ Five bonkers facts about ourselves”.

In this edition’s ‘Beauty Warrior’ feature I am going to demonstrate the Nurse Jamie Eyeonix System.

And be sure to check out your ‘Fashionscope’ predictions for this month.

Visit ‘In The Spotlight’ to read the heartbreaking reality of Joolz Raven Stewart’s The Wish Cottage Project/Ravens Retreat, and how it has been devastated for a second time - this time by Storm Dennis.

Plus we have the must-read column from the extra-celestial Angie Barnett with her extraordinary psychic powers...are you a believer? #CosmicWhisper

The irrepressible Julie Evans returns with her alphabetical take on the challenges and joys, and the high and the lows of the menopause, in ‘Menopausal Hotties’. This month the ‘ayes’ have it! [‘I’ see what you did there…]

Join us in drooling over our baking programme, ‘Cake-A-Holic’, with the talented Amy Carrieri from Tilly’s Treats as she creates some delicious and very apt Bonkers Brownies.

Jo Pope is back with a wonderful yoga/meditation practice designed to help us with our confusion.

Our ‘Business Showcase’ is now OPEN, for all the businesses out there who would like to see their business advertised in the most entertaining and fastest growing online magazine out there. **We regularly exceed the 100k readership mark #JustSaying...**

And the fabulously decadent and divine ‘Lady P’ has had her wings clipped and been (semi) grounded ~ this month she’s been kept closer to home as she travels to Scotland in search of the Loch Ness Monster. Did a Highland fling tickle her fancy?

Enjoy this month’s extravaganza...and we will see you with a fabulous new issue on Wednesday 15th April.




Ladies With Attitude - “5 Bonkers facts about me!”

Introducing Ladies With Attitude (LWA)

The LWA is a panel of strong, straight-talking ladies with a great sense of humour. We get together once a month to discuss a ‘killer question’ on varied topics such as marriage, sex, diets, online dating and anything else we can think of. Even the controversial stuff! Nothing is taboo...

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