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The secret ingredient is always love

Where do we begin?

By learning to love yourself ~ that’s where we begin ~ it’s vital, and it's the first step.

Why is it important to love yourself?

Put simply, how can you learn to love others if you can’t or don’t learn to love yourself!?

Loving yourself:

  • helps improve your wellbeing and mental health. It bolsters your self-care routine, creating a special energy. It will make you a better person, content to spend time alone, discovering what it is that you want to do, what you want to achieve, what makes you happy, and what you can achieve in life.
  • encourages you to look after your health, your appearance, your fitness, as well as accepting mistakes made, flaws and limitations. Love will give you more of a ‘can-do’ approach rather than a 'can't-do’ approach, so that when life gives you lemons you just make lemonade! Tequila shots optional!!
  • teaches you who you are. Discovering what ‘makes you tick’ helps to make it easier in knowing who or what you want in life, what you’re willing to compromise on, rather than what you’re not willing to compromise on.
  • gives you the confidence to realise that you no longer feel the need to change yourself in order to ‘fit in’ with others. You can seek out your own tribe, where people accept and celebrate you for who you are.

When you don’t love yourself, it can be such a sad, lonely place to be. Existing in a world full of worry, anxiety, stress and depression. An unfulfilled life can bring a lot of negativity and will completely drain you, leaving you feeling lonely, without purpose, meandering aimlessly through life.

Who wants that kind of life? Certainly not me!

When you love yourself, understanding and accepting who you are, and what you ‘bring to the party’, that is when you hit that sweet spot and have that ‘EUREKA’ moment.
LOVE is the secret ingredient that has been missing from your life recipe.

So how do you spice it up and what flavours do you add into the mix, especially when it needs to be applied to learning how to love others?

Recipe for ‘Love’


  • Happiness
  • Care
  • Protection
  • Desire
  • Strength
  • Willingness
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Compassion


Unknown - try a little of each ingredient, the options are limitless and see what comes out in the mix because no one-size fits all.


Just keep adding until the desired result is achieved.


Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Only the very lucky few will get it right quickly; for the rest of us, it’s trial and error but the more times you try, eventually you will succeed…mixing your own love recipe is as unique as you are, ready to sample on yourself and then you can sample it on others!

Love is… intoxicating, all consuming and one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride that can be impossible to control. It is life’s secret ingredient, without which, our existence would be very bland!