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“positive energy surrounds me”

Q. What is positive energy?
A. It’s quite simply transforming your mood from negative to positive.

So how do we do that?

How about starting your day with your favourite songs. Perhaps make a playlist of songs that give you that bouncy energy, happiness, good feelings, good vibes….songs that make you want to dance like nobody's watching. The song might contain powerful lyrics that resonate with you or they might just have that catchy rhythm that makes you want to shake that frame!

Start your day off with a healthy breakfast that you enjoy and which sets you up for the day ahead. You may be a coffee fiend who cannot start the day without that turbo shot of caffeine or you may want to go all fruity with a shake. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!

Eat the rainbow - our bodies need a variety of fruit and vegetables which are brimming with vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, and nature has thoughtfully colour-coded these for us. You are what you eat so put the colour back into your life.

Make sure you are well-hydrated…water is the true elixir of life…it is necessary. Water helps our kidneys get rid of waste and toxins, regulates our body temperature, keeps our body working, helping us stay fit and healthy.

A healthy body means your mind is focused and your soul is calm. You need positivity to create that healthy mind, as a healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa.

How you dress is how you feel, so if you want to feel fabulous make sure you look fabulous! That may be putting on makeup, a favourite outfit or a spritz of your favourite scent, especially as scents can uplift your mood and evoke memories…it’s the smell factor…smell good, feel good.

Talking about the sense of smell, let’s not forget nature’s treasure trove itself…a unique sensory gift shop, where everything is free. You’ve got the trees in the woods, flowers in the meadows, the coastline with its salty sea air, pebbles, seashells, rocks and sandy beaches; the countryside, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, awash with an abundance of insects and animals that inhabit them; the sun that brings sunshine and warmth, sunrises and sunsets; the sky, the clouds that bring shade, storms, snow, hail and the rain, sometimes just drops, sometimes a downpour, and sometimes that magical rainbow appears like a spectrum of light across the sky. Last but by no means least, we have the moon, the planets and the stars that bring sparkle and shine, and mysterious hope.

To boost your positivity try walking amongst nature…if you have a garden, pop outside to soak up the sunshine, smell the grass, trees and flowers, and listen to the bird song…all of which brings happiness and peace to your aura, which is your human energy field ~ a bubble of energy that surrounds you.

If you live by the sea, go blow the cobwebs away and breathe in the salty air as you walk along the shore. The sea calms the body, mind and soul, with the sounds of its waves breaking or crashing on the shoreline and its breathtaking vista.

Naturally beautiful places allow you to let your mind wander, cast out negativity and refill your mind with positive thoughts, plans and actions. So envelop yourself in nature as it travels through the seasons and boost that positive energy. Create your own happy place and visit it daily.

Move your body in order to create that little rush of endorphins which help you feel good and learn better. If the gym isn’t your thing, try going for a walk/jog/run, some simple, gentle body stretches, yoga, swimming, or try a dip in the sea if you’re brave enough! Or riding a bike - push bike or exercise bike, you choose - and start pedalling.

Meditation is a powerful and positive tool to have in your feel-good arsenal, it’s easy and effective, focusing your attention on creating positive vibes for the day ahead.

The magazine has a monthly guided meditation with the amazing Joolz Raven Stewart.

If you look for it, you will find that positive energy is all around you, just have an open mind, a willing heart and share your happiness with everyone, because if you give out positive energy, then you will always receive it back.

Programme your positivity for the day and do this every day, leaving you fulfilled and feeling on top of the world where anything and everything is possible.