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Irregular Periods

1: Irregular Periods

Normally this starts in the run up to the full on menopause, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here hotties, remember to walk before you run. Before we reach the giddy heights of the menopause we go through a stage called the perimenopause.

Jeez Louise, it’s like a hormonal assault course out there in our hotties world.

So what does this mean for us? How does this perimenopause affect us? And how long will it last?

Great questions dear hotties so let’s explore in more detail.

One of the first signs you're entering the rollercoaster world of perimenopause can be irregular, crazy sporadic periods, and altered menstrual cycles.

They can become unusually light, missing a few here and there, or extra heavy. The unpredictable nature can be frustrating and downright annoying to say the least.

Guess what? This stage normally starts around four years before the menopause. Yes that’s right hotties - four Goddamn years of erratic periods, oh joy of joys!

It’s all down to our female hormones oestrogen and progesterone as they start to decline. This causes these fluctuations in our menstrual cycles and then some, but more about that in the upcoming editions.

Remember hotties, it’s a marathon not a sprint - so get your best trainers on!

Just as a side note, menopause is classed when ‘you’ve not had a period for at least 12 months straight’.

Worth pointing out to consult with your GP or medical professionals if you are experiencing irregular or unusual periods, and you’ve not been diagnosed as being perimenopausal. They are a font of information and are very reassuring with suggestions and remedies to help alleviate this confusing and stressful time.

Hotties do you want the good or not so good news?

The good news is: you're fabulous and there is support.

The not so good is that 80% of us will experience an average of 10 symptoms out of the known 34. At least no one can say we are greedy!!

So that’s Number 1: covered. Next month we turn the heat up as we explore Number 2: Hot Flushes.

Better get those fans ready hotties, as it’s going to get hot hot hot!

Bye for now you gorgeous hotties, and I’ll see you next month for number two, so to speak...

Love Julie x