April 2017

Welcome to Issue 23 April 2017 - Be Our Guest.

You are cordially invited to our sumptuous ‘Fashion Feast’ where you can devour our artistic and ingenious photo and video shoot.

Visit ‘In The Spotlight’ to read all about the fabulously talented Rianon Jones, owner of RiCreations.

Highlights include a very naughty ‘Ladies With Attitude’ discussion on what they could and couldn’t live without. (Not to be missed!) And make sure you check out your “Fashionscope’ predictions for this month.

Join me on my quest to try and slow down the ageing process in our fascinating feature ‘Beauty Warrior’.

Also we have must-read columns from Jenna Kelly, Hilary Jones, Lucy Michael, Tara Hammett, Christie Heaven and the outrageous Cross Stitch Bitch, who is on hand to provide thoughtful and heartfelt solutions to your problems. (NOT!)

Plus you can read all about our current Ministry Of Glamour winner.

I hope you enjoy...