June 2016

Welcome to Issue 13 June 2016 - and this is the Birthday Issue.

This issue is a celebration of the magazine’s 1st Birthday. I had a crown, a cake and a birthday shoot with the team, which you can see in Lights...Camera...Action... and throughout the magazine.

I have interviews with Jill Williams (CATS) and Jamie Evans (Fat Yankee).

Plus columns from Jenna Kelly, Hilary Jones, Tara Hammett, Josh Thompson, Cross Stitch Bitch and newcomer Jodie Grove.

AND I introduce ‘The Ministry Of Glamour’ and its first member Wendy Thomas.

Happy Birthday emmaheaven.com

I hope you enjoy.



Cross Stitch Bitch

I am the worldwide phenomenon that is Cross Stitch Bitch.

I’m a hot, young, nubile sex bomb who partakes in the genteel, delicate form of artwork that is ‘Cross Stitch’.

Cross Stitch Bitch is my really naughty alter ego; she likes alcohol, partying and inappropriate men, all in copious amounts.

I prefer to remain anonymous as I feel it gives me an enigmatic air of mystery, plus I can be as rude and filthy as I want to be, which is totally NOT what I’m like in real life. I’m very quiet & reserved, shy almost.

And I’ll have you in stitches...


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