Tudor Vaughan

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My Dad really was something else, and I’ve always said that they broke the mould after they made him! Tho’ truth be told, this apple didn’t fall far from that tree ~ I do think that I take after him, as he was also pretty bonkers! He had a fabulous sense of humour, loved a practical joke, and I reckon that he could keep me in stories to share on The LWA for decades to come…

He was:

  • fiercely protective
  • a calming presence when things went wrong and always the voice of reason 
  • intelligent, well read and aware of what was going on in the world
  • amazing company and just thrilling to talk to

Qualities and interests I inherited from my Dad ~ the good, the bad, the downright ridiculous, and the ugly…

  • A shared love of F1 - our epic outbursts, tales of screaming fits, naughty language and stomping off when things didn’t go our way are legendary!
  • A teeny, tiny bit of impatience, especially when driving! 
  • I’m a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ and can turn my hand to anything like my Dad could but not always with such a good outcome mind you! Again, his escapades are legendary and are well-documented on The LWA. 
  • Shouting at and arguing with people on the TV - especially the news - a totally and utterly pointless ‘skill’ I learned from the master himself - as if the people could hear us or answer back! And if they could, would they even dare?!?

My Dad believed that life was for living - not just existing - his main passions in life were his family and travel, seeing the world, and being amongst nature - especially in his beloved Scotland.

The beauty of nature is what inspired his artwork. He would spend hours painting and would persevere until he had mastered the desired effect.

Over the years, painting became a relaxing pastime and an escape from reality, where he could express his emotions, unleash his imagination and harness his creativity whilst continually improving his painting techniques and skills.

Then, from out of the blue, one of those life-changing events happened, and nothing in the world can ever prepare you for the devastation that follows. My Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Our lives were instantly turned upside down and nothing would ever be the same again…

We didn’t know how much time he had left, but during the following weeks he started to think about painting again, purchasing new supplies and booking a few days away on the Gower Peninsula so he could capture its breathtaking scenery on canvas.

Tragically, Dad never got to paint again as he died a few weeks later. My heart broke and I don’t think it will ever fully mend.

I miss him every day and my greatest sadness is that he never got to see my magazine and witness all that I have achieved.

He is the driving force behind my success and determination, and I like to think that not only would he have been really proud but that he is watching over me and chuckling to himself at all the creative madness, mischief and mayhem I make every month!

Now finally, he gets to be a part of this madness as I have the unalloyed privilege to proudly exhibit and show off his art in all its beautiful glory in the EH Art Gallery.

Please enjoy the Tudor Vaughan exhibition ~ accompanied by John Denver’s masterpiece, Annie’s Song ~ which incidentally my Dad taught me to play on the recorder! 

Go immerse yourself in nature ~ be it the mountains, woodlands, or seaside ~ and fill up your senses...