January 2021

Menopausal Hotties - New year, new you…

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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Well us hotties know this phenomenon all too well!

I’m sure you can relate to feeling like a completely different woman and not necessarily feeling like it’s a better swap either, or down to a [new year] resolution to be healthier or by starting the latest diet.

It’s not something we have much control over either, even if we do possess many amazing superpowers (invisibility and shapeshifting for starters); and we are yet to master slowing or stopping the march of ol’ Father Time. One day tho maybe, but in the meantime let’s add it to our vision board of hopes and dreams...

As time marches on so does the effect of those dwindling hormones. Mainly the oestrogen hormone, the mother of female hormones. When we enter peri menopause, which eventually leads to menopause, these dwindling hormones can have a profound impact, sometimes making us unrecognisable, even to ourselves!

There’s a good reason why they call it ‘The Change’!

Some of these changes may affect mind, memory, confidence, sleep patterns, body changes, hot flushes and soooo much more. Tell me about it sister! So it’s no surprise that these changes can sometimes be hard to navigate and affect so many aspects of our lives. Anyone know whatttttttt the mother of all hormones was thinking when she decided to pack her bags and leave town?! Or maybe she’d lost her mind too!

Fear not though hotties, as with change, just like a new year so come new perspectives. New opportunities, new focus, and sometimes new beginnings. This change is a gateway that segments into the golden sparkly years. Yes, get out that glitz and glam hotties. You can be whoever you want to be and you won’t give a brass monkey what anyone else thinks. There IS light at the end of the change tunnel.

Take this latest incarnation of yourself as an opportunity to reinvest in yourself and your wellbeing.

  • Make yourself the centre of attention
  • Filter out what doesn’t work so well for you
  • Read up on assertiveness - saying ‘no’ with confidence AND redefine your boundaries
  • Surround yourself with people who lift you up as you are now, and not just how you once were
  • Shape up or they can ship out - bye bye to the anchors…
  • Be kind to you, know that YOU matter
  • Celebrate life & celebrate you
  • Do what’s right for you. Putting yourself first isn’t being selfish

So if you are focusing on new year resolutions, start with an attitude of gratitude. Celebration not retribution. Visualise what you really want, knowing that you deserve it.

Watch these kittens transform into their full tiger potential as they unleash and ‘own’ their inner tigress! Step forward pussycat, and let’s hear you roar!

Love Julie x

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