September 2021

Emily Nicole Roberts

I’m from Swansea in South Wales, and I’m 23 years old. I think it’s important to note here - though you’ve probably already noticed from my photo - that I use a wheelchair in my everyday life.

emily nicole roberts

My friends and family will read that and sigh “yeah, we know”...

This is because I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy (CP). Embarrassingly enough, I had to learn more about CP, because a stranger once asked more questions about it that I couldn’t actually answer... *bit awks like*.

Point being, yes, I am disabled; but growing up, I was just a little girl, who sat in a little wheelchair. To my parents, I was simply Emily Nicole, their daughter/diva hahaha!!

I remember my mum saying to me in my teens that “the world didn’t revolve around me”. And I was genuinely shocked and appalled!

My life has been plenty of things, but boring isn’t one of them…

I am loud, gobby, unapologetic, and POSITIVE and I’ll be sharing random thoughts, with my unique sense of humour and potty mouth on all magazine-related topics, every month. Reading is believing!


Personally, I try to avoid it at every given opportunity.

Admittedly, it’s REALLY hard when we live in a society where, arguably, you are what you wear, own and achieve.

Social media serves to remind you what everyone else has. Clothes, cars, pets, houses, friends, partners...

I try to remind myself - frequently - that other people’s achievements shouldn’t undermine me or define them.

After all...

We are all doing our best to be happy.

To envy someone else is deeming yourself inadequate. No good could ever come of that, can it?!

Honestly? Your past self is envious of who you are today, and? Nobody or nothing else enabled your personal growth except your willingness and strength to evolve from life experiences.

No new car, diet or cosmetic procedure. Just your character and spirit.

In my opinion?

You don’t need to be someone else, when you’re already doing a great job at simply being yourself.

The only time I will allow envy to rear its dangerous head, is when it morphs into inspiration.

If I see someone with something I desire, I quickly shift my focus to how I can achieve said thing.

Let envy drive not distract you!

I truly believe that sometimes, being positive, self-accepting and content is one of the hardest things to do in life.

My advice for anyone who envies others? Stop, and think about how many people envy you!!

See you next month,

Emily Nicole xxx

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