September 2021

In The Spotlight - Olivia Hell

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Olivia Hell

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photo 2The idea for creating little ol’ me - Drag Queen extraordinaire - came about when Olly Heaven was playing around with ideas for a Hallowe’en costume. He tried on some wigs, and upon seeing the transformation, unadulterated excitement started to brew.

Olly had already been thrown in the deep end by his Mum Emma when Covid and lockdown had hit the country; to help keep the magazine going, Olly had to learn how to apply makeup and SFX makeup pretty much overnight! Well not quite overnight, Emma did actually give him a few days to hone his skills!

Now that he had mastered makeup, he took the plunge and purchased a wig, raiding his flatmates’ wardrobe for the skimpiest clothes he could find - less is more as they say! And finally, his drag journey and the birth of me, Olivia Hell, was about to begin.

Early challenges included how to disguise Olly’s male features and attributes which involved many, MANY corsets, an industrial amount of tucking tape, and more foam padding than an overstuffed sofa.

Once Olly overcame these obstacles, he gained enough confidence to finally show the world his alter ego, and yes my darlings, I was unleashed onto an adoring public, who fell in love with my sassy charm, fabulous looks, and outrageous personality.

photo 3With all social media platforms performing well, Olly was contacted by Harrods to discuss the both of us becoming a face of their latest campaign - ‘H Beauty’.

After two fabulous, fun days of filming it was quickly apparent to Olly that Olivia was his destiny, so all his time and effort went into perfecting his drag persona, and making me the unstoppable diva I am today.

During lockdown, Olly had a lot of time on his hands and was able to experiment with different makeup, wigs and costume looks, perfecting his skills even more until he had the perfect vision for how I was going to evolve.

photo 2After living and studying performing arts in London for six years, Olly was pleasantly surprised to come across a show bar on a recent night out whilst visiting his hometown in South Wales. He was quite shocked to discover that Swansea actually had a drag scene. Olly saw this as an amazing opportunity to go for, and to put Olivia forward for a residency at Dorothy’s Show Bar.

A month later and I, Olivia Hell, am now part of Dorothy's family, providing entertainment in my own unique and flamboyant way, a queen of the DJ booth, singing, dancing and just looking utterly fabulous darlings.

If you want to witness this stunning spectacle you can see me and my fellow fabulous queens at Dorothy's Show Bar every week.

You can also see me in action in this magazine when Olly Heaven creates a new makeup look for me every month, AND I am now a full-time member of The LWA, god help them!

And just to spoil you lucky lot even more, you can follow me on my social media platforms:

Instagram: @its.olivia.hell
Facebook: Olly Heaven

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