September 2021

Menopausal Hotties - Envy

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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This month's magazine theme is Envy and the green-eyed monster. Have you ever felt jealous, suspicious or envious?

Of course not, we could never be like that. Or could we? With this theme in mind and relating the topic to our menopausal journey. We’ve selected this month's playlist.

Ah ha hotties, there is only one song which springs to my mind, it just had to be, hip roll and hip thrust please, as we announce our next song:

‘Suspicious Minds’ by the King himself - Elvis!

“Why oh why?” I hear you cry hotties. It’s been widely reported by many menopausal women that as our bodies and minds go through this change in life brought on by those ever-decreasing oestrogen female hormones and their association with brain fog, lowered energy, shape shifting and lowered self-confidence.

Is it any wonder why we may hanker back to the good old (premenopausal) days and find ourselves longing for our past life? Perhaps even a little jealous of our younger self confidence and carefree life.

It’s time to shake rattle and roll off those thoughts and listen to the King - huh huh - as the song goes:

“We can’t go on together with suspicious minds, we can’t build on our dreams with suspicious minds”

That's so right, hotties, we can’t. It’s time to embrace our new hotness in all its super glory.

Your past is what shaped you now (well that, and those declining female hormones).

So listen to the lyrics: “if a good friend you know comes to say hello”, don’t be jealous of her, say hello, and tell her just how amazing you are now, how you’ve evolved into the beautiful being you are today, and the important part she played in shaping your future dreams.

No more green-eyed monsters or suspicious minds. You're not ‘caught in a trap’ and remember ‘we love you too much baby’.

If you start to hanker after that past self of yours, get out your hotties’ playlist, set it to the King, and play this anthem as loud as you can. Enjoy.

Huh huh...

Love Julie - I’ve now left the building!

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