October 2021

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The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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The nights may be drawing in but nothing will dampen our spirits (pardon the pun). This month's scary October hottie playlist, coming in at number 4, is the theme music to GhostBusters.

Doesn’t the very thought of the music just put a smile on your face?! Hell yeah hottie, you have a lot to smile about!

As we enter the month where we celebrate all things Halloween, us hotties we don’t need to dress up -too hot for a start...where’s the fan?... no bonfires for us we bring our own heat... as our own bodies can often feel like it’s playing its own game of trick or treat 👻 on us and not just on one day of the year either. We may not even recognise ourselves.

Oh no, these pesky declining oestrogen hormones have way too many tricks up their sleeves that last not just one day BUT 365 days of the year!

No candy for you oestrogen oh nooo, but we do ask that you play nice. Less of the night sweats and brain fog pretty please.

Well we guess that where there’s a trick there should also be a treat, right? Well you know us hotties, we can always find the silver lining.

So wherever there’s a ghost there’s always a Ghostbuster nearby you can call upon. That Ghostbuster could be your fellow hotties, your support system, your inner self, family, friends or simply doing something you love or brings you joy, to bust the blues away!

Next time your body tries to derail you, perhaps you’re feeling like your past self is a mere ghost of a memory; just pick up your metaphorical red phone and call those Ghostbusters to capture and send those negative ‘ghosts’ merrily on their way. Bye bye 👋 busted and ghosted!

Now let’s set the decks and get ready to play your next uplifting playlist anthem. Set it to song number 4 and sing along.

“There’s something strange in your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!
If it’s something weird and it don’t look good (ain’t THAT the truth?!?)
Who you gonna call?

Now it’s time to treat yourself hotties. How about some ‘you time’, yes YOU?

Don’t look for the ghosts of the past, look forward to your future and celebrate 🎉 the beautiful newborn you.

Cheers hotties let’s toast to an end of the nasty tricks and bring on the treats.


Love Julie


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