November 2021

Menopausal Hotties - November Hot Off The Press

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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Well, well, well! Aren’t we a hot topic in the media right now?!

Yes, that’s right. It seems that us hotties as peri- and menopausal women are not just a (hot) flash in the pan - we’re going nowhere, we’re here to stay, and it’s about time we took centre stage. No one puts a hottie in the corner.

It’s been absolutely fantastic to see the topic of menopause more front and centre in the media in recent weeks - after all, it affects such a large, integral part of our society and it’s great that it’s featuring so prominently on mainstream TV, in the press, and on social media.

The effect of going through this change in life, this metamorphosis, has been reported for some hotties as having a real - and sometimes devastating - impact on life, mental health, work and relationships.

It’s reported that almost 30% of women going through ‘the change’ have considered giving up their job or career during these peri- and menopausal phases, often citing the actual menopausal symptoms. The chief culprit being the drop in levels of the female hormone estrogen and others becoming more dominant.

This can have a huge effect on our bodies, mind, spirit, and overall sense of who we are.

There are an abundance of symptoms** associated with menopause. Buckle up sister, as it’s a long list, so you may want to grab a glass of water - N.B. water IS GOOD, ya can thank me later - while you tick ✅ these off with a knowing, eye-rolling of ‘yep, ain’t that the truth?’

Ready for the roll call? Here we go, in no particular order...

  • Brain fog
  • Loss of confidence, energy, lack of concentration, memory, forgetfulness
  • Aches and pains and inexplicable exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Hot flushes, sleepless nights, night sweats
  • Drop in libido
  • Irritability

I could go on…

**If in any doubt, please double check with your GP and get checked over to be on the safe side**

It’s no wonder that us hotties have felt the impact, and maybe felt a tad isolated one way or another. Let’s be honest here, in recent times we have been pretty underwhelmed with accessible information, recognition, understanding and support, but things are a’changing; just like the ‘change’, we are evolving and moving forward.

It’s a time to lift your head up high hotties, be proud of who you are in all your hotness. Shout it out loud - “I am a hottie and I’m standing strong!”

I’m loving the fact that there is far more information, education, awareness and support out there.

Having read several articles from high profile celebrities, and seeing that menopausal rights and issues at work are being championed in Parliament, it’s fair to say that the wheels are finally turning in the right direction.

As we know all too well, with change comes invention, innovation, and growth. We are shaping the future. You are the future, leading the way for others to follow. You are amazing.

Remember hotties, there is a multitude of help out there in the form of HRT, natural remedies, support groups and information, lifestyle adjustments (less caffeine, more water #JustSaying…)

Ultimately, there is no ‘one size to fit all’, and I can vouch for that with multiple sizes in my wardrobe!

By their very nature, peri- and menopause journeys are an individual, personal experience.

However, you are not alone here hottie, you will find you in all your hotness and glory, and any support or info you need, won’t be quite so far from your fingertips.

Knowledge is power. Hail to the hotties!

Julie x

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