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Menopausal Hotties - It’s time to get eXtra with the letter ‘X’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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It’s time to get eXtra as we focus on the letter ‘X’ on our alphabetical menopausal journey.

‘X’ for us hotties has to be focused on the ‘X-factor’ and ‘X-rated’. No one puts hottie in the corner to play with her xylophone - and that’s not a euphemism either! - but we may just be heading for the top shelf; when you’ve got it, flaunt it! Ooh La La!!

If only we had the superpower of X-ray vision, we could actually see what is going on in our bodies… Although we may not have X-ray vision, what we do have are some incredible insights from our shared knowledge and life eXperiences.

So what exactly happens when we enter into the peri/menopausal stages of our life known as ‘The Change’? I already know this much - they weren’t lying when they named it ‘the change’ were they?! Hold onto your hats ladies, as it’s one hell of a ride.

As we age, our bodies start to produce less estrogen which impacts our lives in ways we never could have dreamed of.

Allow me to be your own personal ‘xenagogue’ (noun): ‘acting as a guide’ or ‘tour guide, to the ‘xenas’ (noun plural): confident, strong women in our midst!


You are a hottie; a unique ‘xena’ who has - and is on - an eXtraordinary journey, navigating your way through peri/menopause. Dealing with a host of symptoms that can impact us hotties physically, emotionally and mentally.

One day it can be plain sailing, at other times a roller coaster of eXhaustion and eXhilaration which is ineXplicable, knocking us back and off track .

Dealing with this myriad of changes is truly a transformational eXperience. Ok, so we aren’t what we once were in our younger, estrogen-rich years but look at what we have gained in so many other ways.

We’ve metamorphosed into the unique hottie we were always destined to be. Priorities and focus may have taken a new direction, a crossroads even (geddit?!), but isn’t that what makes us so eXciting.

New freedoms, new choices, and a new outlook. You got it all hotties, now work it baby.


Well hotties, not only do you have the ‘X-factor’, but you may also have developed an increase in sexual liberation even if your libido may be decreasing, with a whole range of uneXpected challenges ‘down below’, but statistics show that women in their over 50s are having more orgasms than younger women, and (re)discovering their very own sensual ‘Xanadu’ - I’ll let you decide between ELO & Olivia Newton John’s version, or the more literary Samuel Taylor Coleridge one!

As a liberated woman you know what you like, what you want, and you are not afraid to ask for and (quite reasonably) expect it.

Confidence comes with experience and age, so embrace your hotness and go get ‘em you tigress you. Grrrrrr

Just remember tho, to still practice safe sex as sexually transmitted diseases amongst the over 50s are also on the increase.

So there you have it hotties, in black and white. Go give yourself some overdue kudos and a big dose of hottie love. Xena isn’t the only Warrior Princess around here, is she?!

And if anyone wants me, you’ll find me bopping and cracking my whip along to The Legend of Xanadu #earworm - you’re welcome! xoxoxo

Julie x


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