March 2021

Menopausal Hotties - ‘Viva Vagina’!

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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 As we are virtually near the end of our menopausal ABC’s this month it's the turn of the letter ‘V’ putting firmly in the spotlight: ‘Viva Vagina’!

I’m sure some hotties will remember that famous song by the King himself, ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and may even be playing it in your head. However, I really don’t recommend using our hottie ‘gynae version’ next time you grab the Mic 🎤 at the local karaoke night!

Yes hotties, this is an uplifting song which normally gets everyone up and out of their chair, singing and dancing along. It’s a celebration of a unique and vibrant town. Although we are not a place or a town; we are hotties; we have so much to celebrate, being totally individual and multi-layered, multi-faceted vibrant women in every way.

On our journey of transition and change, whilst our vaginas form just a relatively small part of that change and may be affected by the menopause, they absolutely play a vital role such is their potential to impact our bodies and minds - positively or negatively. As hotties we will always share our knowledge with you, and hope to give you options to empower your choices.

So why and how does menopause affect our ‘Viva Vaginas’ and what vast variants could we potentially expect?

Simply put, during peri and menopause we produce less of the female hormone estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen in particular could contribute to the vulva’s tissues and the lining of the vagina to become thinner, drier, and less elastic or flexible. During perimenopause, there is a condition known as ‘vulvovaginal atrophy’ resulting in decreased lubrication and all the challenges that brings, along with an increase in vaginal pH, which makes the vagina less acidic.

To briefly cite another one of the King’s songs on this delicate matter, ‘A little less conversation, a little more action please’! With apologies to any Elvis fans or if you’re of a sensitive nature... Disclaimer: we hotties have built a pretty ribald sense of humour as a way to navigate this journey. Anyway, I recently read an article saying that peri/menopausal women who had sexual intercourse regularly, or other vaginal activity, that this can play a valuable role in helping to lessen the shortening and/or thinning of the vaginal walls.

In fact, by continuing to have regular vaginal sexual activity, it helps keep the vaginal tissues thick and moist, valiantly maintaining the vagina’s length and width!

Don’t worry if this isn’t an option for you (e.g a drop in libido, which is another menopausal symptom) or is the very last thing you’re thinking about then, and gives you a fit of the vapours...There are alternatives out there which you can explore such as estrogen therapy, HRT and lubricants that could help combat the symptoms of vulvavagina atrophy and discomfort.

Remember: not all hotties will experience or develop vulvavaginal symptoms around menopause, as we are all unique.

It is vitally important that if you do have symptoms not to automatically assume that these are simply due to the menopause, as there are other conditions to consider and rule in or rule out. My advice to all vibrant hotties - always speak to and seek advice from a healthcare professional or Doctor as your first step.

Hotties, as always please value yourself and all our wonderful virtues; look after your vivaciousness, vitality, health and celebrate all that you are. Being menopausal and dealing with all its vagaries doesn’t mean we have to turn into Victor(ia) Meldrew!

We may have started out by referring to the King of rock n roll, but we will always end with our focus on the Queens, our fellow hotties.

Now turn up the volume. Sing it from the rooftops. Our hotties version of ‘Viva Vagina’. Don’t be a victim of the menopause; become a virtuoso. Take it away maestro!!

Cheers to the whole of you and all that you are: mind, body and soul. You will be victorious always. To the victor, the spoils!

Julie x

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