July 2021

In The Spotlight - Helen Bowden

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Helen Bowden

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My name is Helen Bowden. I am 55 years old and a married mother of two.

My career began as a radio presenter way back in the early ‘90s after a few jobs where I was trying to find my potential!

My mother always said that ‘I had potential’ ~ I just never knew what it was!

Starting as a radio presenter on a few of the national stations, such as Heart FM, I then moved into management as a Programme Director, looking after the presenters and music, and eventually became Managing Director, looking after the whole radio station. My last job was at The Wave and Swansea Sound radio stations.

I took some time out of radio to work in business organisations, before heading back to the BBC for two years as Deputy Editor.

I am now a freelance voiceover artist, presenter on Care Radio (a station broadcasting to those in the care industry), and I produce videos and animations for businesses.

I am also a director of my husband’s company, which serves the hospitality industry in training.

Some recent projects include:

  • Creating videos for the Child of Wales and Child of Britain awards.
  • Producing videos for new projects and new business.
  • Working with ‘Bumbles of Honeywood’ ~ an innovative enterprise skills programme and series of books designed for primary school-age children
  • Training modules and induction videos and voice overs for corporate clients, such as DWJ Wealth Management
  • Narrated my first audio book on Audible ~ ‘Discover, Love, Thrive: Transform Your Life Through The Power of Positive Thinking.

I would love to do more voice overs and audio books. I have my own studio set up at home and get regular voice over work, so I am able to do more.

For me, this has been a series of personal ‘firsts’:

  • First time in 30 years that I have not been on a regular salary
  • The first time I have had to build something for myself that is not corporate
  • The first time that I am not in the centre of what is going on

And I could not be happier!

I make my own fortune, my own contacts, my own business.

No stress. No 9 to 5 - or in my case 6am to 5pm. No travel. And no hassle. Apart from my husband when I have my admin to do!

I have come to realise over this past year that I have a voice ~ a good voice.

I am professional and prompt and if my corporate days taught me nothing else, it is to give 110%. Always.

My dream?

To be financially stable, to continue narrating and presenting, and to just be happy.

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