January 2021

Menopausal Hotties - We turn the spotlight on the letter ‘T’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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As we walk the tightrope of all things menopause we find ourselves tiptoeing lightly through our menopausal ABC’s with the focus this month on the letter ‘T’.

Hotties are you a Tired Tigress?

Hotties of a certain age will, I’m guessing, remember the famous Mr T from that well known TV show The A Team. Well we may not be Mr T (no supersized gold chain necklaces here) but we sure are the A1 menopausal team, in your corner, on a mission to educate ourselves and empower our fellow hotties.

What Time is it? It’s Time to set the alarm, rise up, take a deep breath as we explore why we may be a teeny tiny bit more tired than normal now we are traipsing along the menopausal trail.

A big culprit that can zap those energy reserves could be those tricky depleting and hormonal shifts. Oh my - I’m feeling totally tuckered just writing this. Maybe a little power nap 💤 will be just what the Dr ordered.

Ok I’m back from my 40 winks. The main cause of menopausal tiredness and fatigue is the change in our hormone levels. Oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones are all involved in impacting our energy levels so it’s no surprise that when these are compromised it can affect us both physically and mentally as our energy reserves are stretched. Common peri- and -menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, insomnia or sleep deprivation are factors contributing to fatigue, and exacerbating tiredness.

Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel hotties. I’ve shared a few tips below if tiredness is impacting upon your trailblazing tigress:

  • Take a power nap.
    It’s ok and actually recommended, so if you're able to, a little 20 - 30 minute nap or meditation is a fabulous supercharger. Any self-respecting Tigress knows the therapeutic benefits of a cat nap!
  • Fresh air.
    Even though it’s a tad chilly out there, wrap up warm and take time to wake up the senses, by getting out and about in the fresh air. All socially-distanced and safe of course...
  • Don’t over exercise.
    Whoop whoop now that’s a top tip I’m all for! aim for an average of 30 mins a day rather than several hour blasts - a simple (gentler on the joints) power walk, yoga or cycling will boost your circulation, increase your energy and help improve your overall wellbeing.
  • A little extra help.
    Herbal sleep, energy boosters, and other tinctures, can really save the day. I've found a great nighttime ritual that works for me, which includes my essential oil blend of Lavender and Frankincense which both help me to drift off to the land of dreams.
  • Less is more.
    Cut out, or down, those highly caffeinated and stimulating drinks. Drink more water or swap the tea for decaffeinated or herbal brews.
    Turn off technology a little earlier, try reading a book or journaling what’s on your mind. Emptying your mind of worries or tasks can help you unwind ready to embrace those sweet 💤.
  • Stay cool.
    Keep your bedroom nice and cool, natural cotton-rich or silk sheets will help draw heat away and keep you cooler if you're plagued with the dreaded night sweats.

Hotties you are Tenacious, Talented, and Treasured; so if you are feeling like a tired tigress every now and again, don’t fight it - let’s own it, knowing that it is entirely natural and we can put the tigress back in the tank with a few simple steps. Trust in yourself, stay True to your hotness always, and let’s revel in the joyful contrariness of our ability to be both Tough AND Tender!

Julie x

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