August 2021

Menopausal Hotties - Feathers

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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We are having so much fun creating our very own hotties-related playlist.

Each month we relate our chosen song to our menopausal journey, so as this month's magazine theme is ‘Feathers’ it could only be one song. Drum roll please….

Now coming in at number two is:

‘Shake Your Tail Feather’ performed by many legends, not least Tina Turner, and Ray Charles in the Blues Brothers ~ ‘there’s plenty of action left in THIS ol’ piano!!!’

Not that we recommend all hotties start to shake their tail feathers; no, no, no hotties; but then again, if you're happy to, then why the heck not?!

For us hotties this song represents being confident in your own skin. So maybe things may feel and look a bit different for us than they used to; perhaps we have changed shape; lost a little of that va va voom, or maybe we are flourishing!

Those pesky hormones have a heck of a LOT to answer for. The main culprit ~ oestrogen ~ drops, and has all sorts of effects on our body, emotions, and mind. Many hotties report that it is a truly life changing event.

All of which has meant learning about a whole new you, with a new outlook and a new perspective on life.

You could say it’s a kind of rebirth, like a beautiful chick hatching from its egg, ready to explore a whole new wonderful world.

So dear hotties ~ metaphorically speaking ~ it’s time to fluff those hottie feathers and get shaking full of confidence, prepare to fly, have a different viewpoint, and enjoy the journey.

When you play this song, get ready to have fun, be proud of who you are, soar high as the sky is the only limit, and shake those tail feathers to brush away any negativity.

Are you ready to embrace track number two on our playlist, and belt it out loud AND proud Mary! (another hat tip to Tina T) from the living room? Hell yeah!!!

After the count of three let’s sing 🎶 and dance together like no one's watching (you may want to close your curtains for this bit)💃 1...2...3 ~ Go Hotties, Go!

🎶Let me see you shake your hottie feathers
Let me see you shake your hottie feathers
Aww do it right, do it right, do it right
Twist, twist it, twist it, twist hottie
Let me see you shake your hottie feathers 🪶 yeah 🎶

Remember this: You are amazing, so don’t let anyone ‘tar and feather you’, or rain on your parade. Whether you want to shake your tush and feathers or not dear hottie, it’s entirely your choice! Spread those wings and fly high as you want.

Love Julie x

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