September 2020

Menopausal Hotties - we’re sloping down the path of the letter ‘P’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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In this month’s journey through our menopausal ABC’s we’re sloping down the path of the letter ‘P’.

Perfect I hear you scream, as I know many might be feeling particularly peed off that our pelvic floor doesn’t seem to have the same vice-like grip it had, prior to the havoc caused by decreasing female hormones which are so inextricably linked to this journey of change called the (peri) menopause. Pathetic or what?!

Although being peed off nowadays has probably taken on a whole new meaning for quite a few of us hotties, if you get my drift?! A little trickle here, and a little trickle there, could be an unpleasant side effect you were not expecting. I used to love surprises, but this is one present you can keep!

The ‘purge and splurge’ days out no longer refers to a shopping trip or feast with your pals. No, no, no. Not in our new-found hotties world it doesn’t! It has somehow been replaced with a powerful urge to pee your pants without warning, literally at the drop of a hat, courtesy of a cough or simply strolling along.

Knees and pelvic-floor muscles crossed darling hotties that it’s not affecting you! However, just in case it is, we will share with you here, several ideas that may help lessen your need to keep the knees crossed whilst running for the nearest loo, keeping those extra absorbent pantyliner purchases to a minimum.

Do you recognise this all too common hottie dilemma? You're chatting away, having a little chuckle and boom, to your horror and surprise, you feel something escape... Oh hell no, did I just pee my pants? Sorry to say it, but you probably have, and I’m guessing it’s not for the first time either?

Call me Little Miss Picky if you must, but I prefer my tears to roll down my face, not my legs...

Welcome to the hottie world of crossed legs, the bathroom dash, and the switch from tampons to pantyliners. Oh the pure glamour of it all.

So why do some of us hotties lose the ability to control something we never had a problem controlling before?

It’s important to note that there could be several health or lifestyle reasons; therefore our advice is to always consult your medical practitioner for their professional advice if you have any concerns or unusual symptoms.

Meanwhile, we are going to take a menopausal hotties angle as we explore this phenomenon, with our usual frank pinch of humour and authenticity, from one hottie to another.

So why do we suddenly start to leak?

It’s thought that the hormonal changes during periods and menopause, with the reduced oestrogen levels, affect our abdominal muscles, with the bladder changing position which in turn can lead to a little occasional (urine) leakage. What we are really saying is we can literally pee our pants a little, and sometimes often...

So can we do anything apart from crossing our legs or doing the “I need a pee now” dance ??

There are a couple of things you could try to help even if just a wee bit...Pardon the pun! Sorry couldn’t resist.

  • Oestrogen treatments in either creams or suppositories can be helpful. Ask your doctor what options are available and what would be best for you..
  • Pelvic floor exercises - practiced every day - can help reduce the risk of leaks and maybe even banish the leak forever.
  • Try cutting back on your caffeine intake as this can (over) stimulate the bladder. Switching to decaff can help if you can’t cut back on fluid intake any more than you already have.
  • If you can, practice going to the loo at set times.
  • Panty liners can be a hotties best friend.
  • It’s good to talk. It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. It’s all part of the journey for some of us hotties. Don’t suffer or worry in silence.
  • Seek out professional medical advice and find out what your options are.

Remember that we are all individuals on our unique (peri)menopausal path.

Hey hottie you are one seriously potent woman, perfectly full of potential just the way you are. We may have the odd pesky challenges, but nothing we can’t overcome; and as we do, we become wiser, stronger, smarter, gaining even more super powers.

Embrace the new you, love yourself. It’s your time to spread those panty liner wings and fly with purposeful pursuit, celebrating the perfect imperfections of our lives.

Peace out...


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