November 2020

Menopausal Hotties - It’s time to focus on the letter ‘R’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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 It’s time to focus on the letter ‘R’ as we race through our menopausal ABC’s.

In this issue, our right royal ‘R’ will explore Restless Legs Syndrome. and its links to menopause.


Please, for the love of raging hormones, not another symptom to wrangle with I hear you cry?!

If it’s not hot flushes or night sweats or palpitations keeping us awake at night, we now have to contend with Restless Legs Syndrome.


Who knew that this could be a common menopausal issue?

If only restless legs meant a desire to run or walk a marathon! No, no, no, hotties! Though let’s be honest, your achy, heavy legs can certainly feel like you’ve run one, two, three or more...

Why is the menopause linked to this frustrating symptom?

Apparently those ever decreasing low levels of oestrogen - our female sex hormone - can make our circulation sluggish. Arrrrgh.

It’s just so rude that this menopause journey we have embarked upon lowers oestrogen levels, and can also make us hotties prone to developing varicose veins, achy, heavy and restless legs.

Rubbish news I know, but we won’t let that ruin our hottie experience. We won’t run for the hills, no, we shall face this head on.

Reach for the stars as we review the advice to help ease the symptoms this syndrome brings. It’s time to reincarnate and resurrect our rebellious hottie super powers!

  • Exercise is a great way to get our circulation moving, so we feel less sluggish as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight.
  • If you're sitting down a lot, try to move your feet and legs regularly.
  • Stand up and walk around whenever you're able to.
  • Drink plenty of water: not only will it help flush away toxins, it also keeps us hydrated and that circulation pumping.
  • A little relaxation goes down a treat; nothing beats a good foot and leg massage. A simple foot roller can help to relieve and loosen up those tired muscles - they can make quite a difference.
  • Relief can come in many forms. Have ice packs to hand, or my particular favourite is refrigerated horse chestnut gel, rubbed into the feet and legs, which I find really soothing.

Come on radiant hotties. We can rail against restless legs, regain control, revive and refresh with a few simple steps (literally). It’s time to rally around, get to the root of this syndrome,and regain your sleeping beauty status.

Relax if you can, rely on your super powers as you’ve got this hottie, you rebel you!

Love Julie x

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