May 2020

Menopausal Hotties - The alphabet finds us at ‘L’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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Our menopausal journey along the alphabet finds us at ‘L’.

Yes hotties, it’s time for the ‘L word’. Now put down that remote control, it’s not an invitation to binge watch ‘The L Word’ TV series!

It’s not ‘L for Lockdown’ either, although THAT L word is probably impacting upon all of our lives in some shape or form right now.

None of us could ever have imagined being caught up in this oh so strange uncertain situation. This could also contribute to, and potentially exacerbate, several of our hottie anxieties, so please ask yourself the question:

“Could you use this Lockdown as an opportunity to slow down, to just breath, to contemplate, take stock, re-evaluate what’s truly important, what’s really valuable, what matters most, and feel the Love?”

The answer is yes. Yes you can! Take this time here and now as an opportunity to develop a more empowered, super-hottie version of you.

With those thoughts in mind the ‘L words’ we are focusing on in this hottie issue are Loss, Life and Love.


The word ‘Loss’ is described by the Cambridge dictionary as: ‘the fact that you no longer have something or have less of something’.

Many hotties report feelings of - at some stages of the peri/menopausal transition - a real sense of Loss.

Loss in the context of losing self identity, confidence, purpose, love, focus, value, sex drive, ambition or even joy. A tough place to possibly find yourself. It can feel bad enough when you lose your car keys, never mind your sense of self...

Hottie - be assured that, although you may feel a kind of loss, or even experience grief for what has gone, know this for sure, that there is light at the end of this menopausal tunnel. Thank the menopausal Lord we hear you cry.

There is always hope my dearest beautiful super hotties.


Nature and Life never stand still, so in order to evolve something has to change to make room for new growth.

Think about the humble caterpillar who’s merrily going about its day, eating everything in sight (a bit like me right now), and then the next, it cocoons itself (lockdown). Amidst all that change and ‘goo’, something magical happens as it metamorphoses, finally emerging as a butterfly.

Once this metamorphosis takes place the caterpillar is no more, and yet, its DNA and pure essence are still there but in a new splendiferous form as a beautiful butterfly; a new Life.

It’s the same with the seasons - these have to change so that nature and Life can evolve and flourish; as winter becomes spring, so spring becomes summer, then turns into autumn. And so the cycle repeats.

We too have to experience our very own hottie seasons of Life. I can’t wait to move out of this internal and infernal heat wave and soggy flush season; the cooler winter winds can’t come soon enough! No matter what the season, it’s the same world around us, it’s just a different experience and outlook.

Take a post it note to remind ourselves that with change comes growth - each time there is Loss, it is paving the way for something new.

If you are feeling a little lost, lifeless or lacklustre right now hotties, know that you are not alone - we hear you sister, we relate, we understand.

Fear not super hottie, this could be your period of metamorphosis, embrace the change(s), you are more beautiful hottie than you know; the more empowered, wiser, stronger hottie is developing constantly.

This stage is part of the process for most hotties, it’s a little scary or challenging at times. You could liken it to a roller coaster ride, with many twists and turns, big drops and highs. As with any ride, the more familiar you are, the more prepared you can be and the less scary it becomes.

This isn’t the only ride you can embark on, there are others to choose from. The next could thrill and delight you, awakening your senses to new unimaginable levels. So hold on tight, buckle up, and enjoy the fun of the fair.


Love can be defined or described in so many ways, but ultimately, it evokes an intense feeling of deep affection.

Do you love yourself?

To love others you need to love yourself first.

I know it might seem a little strange, uncomfortable even, but we want you to take a good look at yourself.

Now banished from your mindset is your old, self-destructive habit of critically pointing out what you don’t like about yourself.

We are on a journey of Love.

Start by saying out loud what you DO like; what makes you a good person; what you appreciate about yourself; what you’ve accomplished; what you are capable of; and why you truly deserve to love and be loved.

You are a super hottie, you’ve lost, loved, lived, learned. You have accomplished, experienced, and metamorphosed. You have earned your beautiful butterfly wings and unique markings .

Our wings might be clipped and our travels grounded for the foreseeable future. But that’s no reason why this can’t be our very own time to fly.

Celebrate YOU in all your loveliness and glory; fall in Love with the newer you, deeper than ever before.

Our loss (of one identity) can also be our hottie gain, and the beginning of another.

Bye bye caterpillar; and say hello to your post menopausal Mariposa!

Fly gorgeous butterfly, fly.

Julie x

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