January 2020

Dream Factory - All About You

We invite you to enter the Dream Factory where you can immerse yourself in our artistic and ingenious photo shoot, complete with a unique ‘behind the scenes’ video.

Enjoy the madness, mischief and mayhem as #TeamHeaven indulge their creativity.

Sit back and watch the magic unfold.

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**All About You**

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It’s 2020. It’s the start of a new decade. It’s time to seize the day #CarpeDiem!

You know when you’re sat on the plane, listening to the safety announcements before take-off? Aircraft layout and crews might change, but there is one constant thing which they ALWAYS tell you to do, if the oxygen masks were to drop down, And that is: “put on your own oxygen mask first”.

How right they are! If you don’t look after and prioritise yourself first and foremost, then how on earth can you possibly be expected to help, or be of use to others?

Many of us are running on half empty (if that!), making sure our nearest and dearest’s needs are met BEFORE our own.

No prizes for guessing that we soon end up exhausted and miserable. And resentful if we’re not careful. None of which is supportive of our overall well being, and does nothing to help turn that frown upside down!

Can you imagine your 90 year old self, sitting in a chair, lamenting that you didn’t do the things you wanted to do? Didn’t achieve what you hoped and dreamed of? That you let life pass you by…?

Welcome to this month’s musings behind this edition’s Dream Factory shoot: All About You.

The mood board was straightforward enough to create:

I wanted one side of my hair and face to be made up as if I were going on a glamorous night out. And the other was to be me, aged 90 years old.

I wanted to demonstrate the stark contrast between ‘young’ (well ok, middle aged!) vs ‘old’.

And for any youngsters reading this, let me tell you this much: life goes by oh so very quickly, and that time of having taut smooth skin doesn’t last that long before those pesky wrinkles start to creep up.

Beth and Hilary couldn’t wait to weave their magic in glamming up one half of my head and ageing the other half; and I think the glint in their eyes whilst making me look old and tired wasn’t just the reflection from copious amounts of grey, silver and white that Hilary was daubing my hair with! while Beth painstakingly applied laughter lines, wrinkles and age spots.

When all was revealed I was thoroughly shell-shocked. On the one hand, it looked amazing, exceeding any expectations. Yet on the other, it was quite sad to see myself rapidly age, looking so old, frail and vulnerable.

Transformation complete, it was time to shock Adrian in the studio, for him to capture me in my simultaneously glam and greying glory. Every glorious last wrinkle, captured in HD, and enhanced all the more once post production got underway.

So, to all our fabulous readers - this is the year to start putting yourself first. It’s not selfish; it’s self-care and survival!

Take that holiday, go for that dream job, eat the cake (just not every day!), look after your health (body & mind), dream big, live big and have no regrets.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. The more you do in life, the more memories you will have to cherish - 2020 is All About You...

**The Dream Team**

the dream team photo


“And now we invite you backstage to see this month’s shoot: All ABout You.”

Producer: Emma Heaven
Location: Studio Heaven
Photography & Post Production: Adrian Heaven
Makeup created and applied by: Beth Jones facebook.com/bethjbeauty Instagram: @bethjbeauty
Hair created and styled by: Hilary Jones, Pimped Up Pins, Swansea 01792 799775
Video filmed by: Jack Heaven
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Social media clips & photos: Adrian Heaven/Jack Heaven
Music: All About You - McFly - Performed by Oliver Heaven

Thank you to everyone on #TheDreamTeam for creating this issue’s shoot and video.

Your creativity and commitment never ceases to amaze me!

It’s time to put yourself first ~ make 2020 ‘All About You’...



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