February 2020

Menopausal Hotties - H is for Hormones!

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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H is for Hormones!

As we hurtle our way through the menopause’s ABCs, it’s time to say HELLO to ‘H’.

The mother ducker and motherlode of all things menopausal; those pesky yet essential Hormones, or (w)horemoans as I like to call them, which are wholly responsible for the menopause.

Let’s heat things up a notch shall we, as if things aren’t hot enough already (where’s my fan and bucket of ice when I need it?!), as we explore which ones are responsible for the dramatic, but rarely subtle, changes, which happen to our bodies!

We’ve embarked upon this hottie trip - and NOT by choice I hasten to add - in fact, it can feel like we’ve been taken hostage by our hormones, and for some, it can feel more like a one-way ticket to hell, rather than the holiday of a lifetime!

Others have described it as akin to moving to another planet, where you’ve been taken over by an alien form, you don’t speak the same language, and your nearest and dearest don’t recognise you. Shame the body snatchers never gift you a rockin’ hot-to-trot bod eh?!

So what is the menopause, and how does it happen? I’m no doctor, although I am an expert fellow hottie who’s on this journey with you, so here’s what I’ve learnt through my own super sleuthing of the menopausal maze. Inspector Jules at your service and reporting for duty...

The menopause is usually classed as 12 months after a woman's last period; in the run up to that, symptoms such as hot flushes and other symptoms are known as the perimenopause. The hottie menopausal transition often starts between 45-55 years old, with the average age reported as 51.

Why does it happen?

Hormones are the all-singing, all-dancing governess of our menopause universe. The leading light, top of the bill, and driving force. Although it’s highly unlikely they’ll be getting a standing ovation, or be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon.

So which hormones do we give our undying thanks and gratitude for the upheaval they unfold on our universe.

Drum roll please as we unveil these biological troublemakers, I present you with… the ‘terrible twins’ ~ aka estrogen and progesterone.

As these hormone levels decrease, that’s when menopausal symptoms start, our periods become less frequent, and eventually stop.

Whether you love or loathe these hormones, they play a vital role in our life’s journey, and without their intervention we wouldn’t become the glorious Hotties that we are. Plus, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so we’d best embrace them pronto, and find out how we can ‘accommodate’ them, along with the many and varied ‘changes’ they bring.

Knowledge is power hotties!

There are many hormone replacement therapies (HRT), supplements, gadgets, potions and creams you can use and explore which could help support you through this journey. Please do seek the advice of a Doctor, health specialist and/or your fellow hotties to find out what options are available, and likely to work best for you.

Take heart hotties.

REMEMBER: there’s no right or wrong way to get through this helter skelter of hormonal activity - it’s all individual choice.

REMEMBER: you’re not on your own - you have an army of fellow hotties here who have your back sister.

It’s ‘merely’ a transition, another phase in life’s rollercoaster, and although it can be tough, it’s not all bad, especially if we can help each other find the humour in our hormonal haze!

Now we can stand up, give each other a hale and hearty hug, and a huge round of applause.

Hang on in there Hotties!

Love Julie x

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