December 2020

Dream Factory - Never Enough

We invite you to enter the Dream Factory where you can immerse yourself in our artistic and ingenious photo shoot, complete with a unique ‘behind the scenes’ video.

Enjoy the madness, mischief and mayhem as #TeamHeaven indulge their creativity.

Sit back and watch the magic unfold.

  • Never Enough
  • Never Enough
  • Never Enough
  • Never Enough
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**Never Enough**

headline photo

“You can never have enough glitter, crystals or sparkle!”
Emma Heaven

This shoot was all about excess and that feeling of always wanting more. And I am no exception.

No matter what I do in life, no matter what I achieve - rightly or wrongly - it is never enough…

I always want to do better, and I always want more...especially when it comes to this magazine!

The ideas get a little more bonkers with each passing month, the makeup (even) more extravagant, with the productions and special effects getting bigger and better.

However, no matter how brilliant they are, or how much people love them, it’s never, ever enough - I always want more! Step aside little orphan Oliver with your porridge bowl, asking Sir for more!

With ideas of exuberant excess firmly planted in my brain, I started to plan a shoot which would be so totally over the top with glitter and crystals, that the cameras would creak under the strain of trying to stay in focus.

First up on my twinkling wishlist? A chic turban. I covered it in Swarovski crystals, which was a painstaking job and took days to complete. However, the desired end result was totally worth it.

The makeup colour palette would be silvers and grey, with glitter. LOTS and LOTS of sparkly glitter.

My eyes were encircled by and encrusted with crystal gems, and more gems were strategically placed on my face, with a crystal cascade continuing down to my decolletage.

Beth unleashed a further glitter assault over my shoulders and any other available surface she could find, leaving me and the studio looking as though a glitter bomb had exploded!

When the glitter storm subsided and I finally looked in the mirror, I asked myself’, “did I have enough glitter, crystals and sparkle”?

Absolutely NOT!!!

You can NEVER ever have enough glitter, crystals and sparkle!!!

**The Dream Team**

the dream team photo


“And now we invite you behind the scenes to see this month’s shoot: Never Enough.”


Producer: Emma Heaven
Location: Studio Heaven
Photography & Post Production: Adrian Heaven
Makeup created and applied by: Beth Jones Instagram: @bethjbeauty
Film Crew:: Jack Heaven/Catherine Esaw
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Music: Never Enough - Loren Allred: The Greatest Showman Original Picture Soundtrack

Thank you to everyone on The Dream Team for creating this issue’s shoot and video.

Your creativity and commitment never ceases to amaze me!

‘All the shine, glitter and sparkle in the world will never be enough...’

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