December 2020

Menopausal Hotties - We turn the spotlight on the letter ‘S’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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We are skating, surfing, and sashaying our way at supersonic speed through the ABC’s on our menopausal journey.

In this issue we turn the spotlight on the letter ‘S’, which means our focus this month is on Sex in the City, or not as the case may be! Oooh saucy.

Is it just me that the mere mention of the ‘S’ letter conjures up thoughts of S Club Seven and their ‘Reach for the Stars’ song ? Or am I in alliteration overdrive?! Someone please help remove this tune from constantly serenading my hottie brain. I guess it’s an earworm for you too now - sorry, not sorry...

We digress. Let’s not get too sidetracked here hotties. There seems to be one school of thought that it’s a given us peri-menopausal and menopausal hotties will lose our libido completely, and go into a sexual lockdown.

We know we can face some unpleasant symptoms that can be a sexual dampener, such as loss of libido, vaginal dryness, body confidence issues, or simply feeling downright exhausted.

Frustrating as these can be, there is a wealth of help, advice and products out there to combat some of these symptoms.

But wait! Stop the press: there is also reportedly a new phenomenon amongst us hotties! And that is the rise of the sexually-confident, active menopausal hottie. No $hit Sherlock!

Shock, horror or high five - whichever way you look at it, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sexual liberation, sensuality and satisfaction are as fertile as ever, even if our hormones aren’t! Although HRT and other support methods can play a huge part in all aspects of our wellbeing on this journey, what else could be contributing to this phenomenon of increased and/or enhanced sex drive?

Having delved deeply into this topic of libidinous life after menopause, I’ve discovered a wealth of books and articles that I never knew existed, which talk openly about post-menopausal women, the impact of menopause on libido, and women’s changing attitude to sex.

Wow! shock of shocks. NOT! Women openly discussing an increase in sexual fantasies and libido even if their long term relationship’s sexual activity has dwindled through, and beyond, menopause.

Is that due to medical advances (HRT or supplements), education, media, social economics, empowerment, environment and/or hormones?

A few studies I’ve read recently suggest that it could be due to the drop in oestrogen after menopause, which gives a bigger platform to the male hormone associated with libido - testosterone - which we also produce.

Interestingly, even though our testosterone levels are lower now than they were in our 20s, after menopause it can become the more (pre)dominant hormone; so this could be part of the reason why post-menopausal women report a spike in sexual desire, activity and fantasy.

Therefore, it doesn’t take a genius to work out the probable reasons behind a corresponding increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) amongst the same 50+ age group?

This is thought to be down to women feeling more sexually-empowered, no longer worried about the risk of pregnancy, more financially-liberated, an increase in divorce amongst 50-somethings, or quite simply just ‘enjoying life’!

Whatever your reasons and preference, it’s ever so important to practice Safe Sex. The risk of pregnancy may have ceased; the risk of STDs hasn’t!

As always, YOU are in control of YOUR body.

There are no wrongs or rights here, just what’s right for you, right now.

Remember: we are all different and our bodies react to the menopause in different ways.

Stay safe and stay sassy, you sensual, sultry hottie you!

Julie x

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