October 2019

Angie Barnett - Hello October!

I am a psychic medium from South Wales.

I use tarot cards and mediumship to help and guide my clients, so that they might leave with answers to any questions and concerns they have.

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Hello October!

My most favourite month of the year.

Every practising Witch revels in the excitement of 'All Hallows Eve'.

Be sure to watch this month's video; you will hear me explain a lot more in depth about what this means.

If you choose to try the things we discuss, or would like some one-to-one guidance with this, then please feel free to contact me by clicking on the link below.

As we are approaching the latter part of the year, it's never too early to book your 2020 Psychic Reading with me.

If you'd like more information then please inbox me, send me your mobile number, and I will be happy to call you personally. 'Happy Witch Hunting & Soul Invoking' and I'll see you all in November.

Lots of love, Angie B xx


If you have any concerns or questions you would like answered then reach out to me and I will help and guide you.

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Cosmic Whisper

 We all know someone in need of a prayer, a little bit of healing or guidance - they may need a hug or a supernatural hug.

The power of thought is as amazing as is the power of touch…

Send us your questions and concerns and we will add them into our wonderful world of prayer and create some of the most amazing healing that will take place all over the world.

Imagine how that’s going to feel by having the same touch and the same prayer from everybody else around the world.

The emmaheaven.com Cosmic Whisper is about to begin…

And it starts right here…

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See you next month with all the magic from Chriswick.


Angie xxx



All Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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