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Menopausal Hotties - D is for Delicious. Or is it Diet?

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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D is for Delicious. Or is it Diet?

I’m not indecisive. Or am I? So let’s go for both: Delicious hottie Diet.

Hitting or approaching the menopause can play havoc with so many areas of our lives: weight gain, changing body shape, hot flushes, anxiety, the list can, and does, go on...and on... and on...

Before we dive into a deep depression, let’s consider what we do have a degree of control over, and take a look at what we eat, to support our haywire hormones and help manage those mind (and body) bending symptoms!

Apparently there is research to suggest that our diet can have a positive impact. It’s important to point out that one size does not fit all, so would suggest keeping a food diary, making a note of how certain foods may or may not affect you.

Heavens to Betsy or what the flip?! Tell us more I hear you hotties cry! Ok hotties, let’s explore a little more and dive a little deeper. [I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling rather peckish].

Below are some reported menopause-symptom-friendly-food ideas, inspired from several online articles around food/diet and the menopause. Whoop whoop bring on the hottie super food feast.

Suggested foodie tips that may help:

Limit hot flushes

Try to:

Avoid or cut down on those stimulants such as caffeinated drinks, alcohol, chocolate and spicy food, as these can often trigger hot flushes.

Replace tea and coffee with decaffeinated versions.

Replace wine with low or alcohol-free wine. Or make it go further by ‘spritzing’ it with soda!

Reduce spice. That doesn’t have to mean dreary dishes, herbs can be just as flavoursome!

Sorry, but I don’t have a chocolate replacement. That really would be sacrilege. Although there are positive reports about the benefits of DARK chocolate. So no need to totally deny yourself some of life’s pleasures!

Manage low mood, anxiety and irritability

Protein is rich in tryptophan and amino acid, which supports the production of serotonin, the ‘happy clappy’ hormone!

It can be found in eggs, milk, nuts, cottage cheese, turkey, seeds, soy including tofu and miso and spinach.

Always be sure to chat through with your GP if you have concerns with low mood, anxiety etc.

Manage aching muscles and fatigue

As above, try to avoid any stimulants, especially before bedtime. When you are sleep-deprived you will inevitably feel more tired during the day.

Boost energy levels with a balanced diet, lots of green leafy fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and top up that protein.

Avoid sugary, starchy foods, bye bye biscuits, white bread and pasta.

Instead, snack on nuts, seeds or fresh fruit. Delish!

Inflammation can cause pain, so try these anti-inflammatory foods which are rich in magnesium: avocado, garlic, green veg (bring out the broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage). Oily fish, cashews, almonds, quinoa and whole grains are good for aching muscles.

I hope this (by no means exhaustive) list of delectable delights, gives you some food for thought.

I have to say hotties, this ‘diet’ doesn’t seem quite so dastardly or one of total (self) denial. I’m off to stock up my fridge and store cupboards to give some of them a go. Got my hottie food diary in hand too.

Enjoy your delicious, delectable, divalicious, dietary delights.

Dine like the discerning dame that you are!

Love Julie x

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