May 2019

The ƎH Awards 2019

eh awards mainIt’s that time of year already! I am delighted to announce it’s voting season for the annual ƎH Awards.

Spanning the May 2018 to April 2019 Issues, we would love to know what your favourite features were, who is your favourite columnist, and which is your favourite photo shoot and video.

In fact we want to know what is your favourite ƎVERYTHING!

Below you will find the voting form with the 5 different categories to vote in.

Once you have filled in your form of personal favourites, simply click the send button and we will receive your all important votes.

The voting takes place from May 15th - July 14th 2019 .

The ƎH Awards ceremony will be one of many highlights we’ll be filming at the magazine’s fourth birthday party in July.

You’ll be able to tune in the following month to watch your favourites oh-so-humbly accepting their award(s)! All the winners will be revealed in an ‘Awards Ceremony’ special in the August Issue.

Good luck to all the nominees.

And thank you to all our readers. We couldn’t do this without you.

#TeamHeaven - Start clearing a space on your mantelpiece for your award(s)!

Let battle commence the voting beginPLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE