May 2019

Menopausal Hotties - Shape shifters

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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It’s a fact of (mid) life that those pesky hormonal fluctuations we encounter as we hurtle towards the menopause often affect the way our bodies metabolise food, unfortunately slowing down the rate at which we burn calories, meaning we can easily store more calories than we can burn, leading to weight gain.

Add in a delightful mix of menopausal lack of energy, less activity PLUS a heap of extra stress which produces the mid-section, fat-storing hormone cortisol, and boom!! like the Transformers’ Optimus Prime or Bumble Bee, we hotties can shift into another form, changing shape, sometimes dramatically so, especially around the belly.

Yes that’s right hotties we possess yet another super power. We are super shape shifters.

It’s no wonder our confidence can sometimes takes a nose dive as we swap itsy bitsy knickers in favour of those attractive Bridget Jones ‘big girl pants’, as comfort becomes the driving force and a basic necessity.

And it’s not just our underwear which needs a rethink or refresh either. Our clothes in general need an update to accommodate our new found shape shifting bodies.

Yikes and heavens to Murgatroyd we hear you cry as that favourite LBD or pair of jeans which once showed off your rocking hot body are no longer flattering. And your body is now hot, but in a TOTALLY different way, feeling like every last lump and bump is being unkindly accentuated. And moistened. It’s as if our clothes are taking it in turns to mock us or lick us!!

Us ladies are often quoted as saying “I don’t have a thing to wear” when in actual fact we do. But as a hottie shape shifter it’s more likely to be true - what was once a ‘go to’ has now become a ‘no go’.

Does this sound familiar? You’re searching for something to wear. Frantically going through your entire wardrobe.

You’re hot, sweaty and exhausted leaving no drawer or wardrobe rail unscathed. Absolutely every piece of clothing is tried on before being swiftly discarded - because nothing feels good, looks good, fits you or suits you as it once did. Where are Gok, Trinny or Susannah when you need them? Time for a wardrobe makeover.

Remember the good old days where, once upon a time it was actually fun to go shopping for clothes, you knew exactly what looked good on you, which shops and size you were even though sizes do vary from store to store? Inconsistent sizing seems the least of our worries now!

Well it may be about time to reinvent yourself. Forget (and forgive!) all that you knew before. Be open to try new things, otherwise the experience may soon become a chore. Help help! we hear you say. Don’t worry fellow shape shifting sisters there is a whole new wardrobe world out there just waiting to be discovered and with your name on it.

So what can we do and where do we start?

The first thing is to acknowledge and embrace your new shape. Try and stay as active as possible. Be mindful, but not obsessive, of your diet and make time to relax. Remember size is just a number - it doesn’t define style or who you are.

As hotties, we can gain a new sense of style and confidence. Let’s get this into perspective. Clothes do NOT maketh the woman - we are much more than a clothes hanger on legs. We are hotties with multiple superpowers, a wealth of qualities and experience to be proud of, celebrated and applauded. After all, we’ve earned our stripes and the right to just be ourselves in all our glory.

The most attractive thing we can wear isn’t clothes (though we’re not encouraging you to walk around naked). The most attractive thing to wear of all is confidence. Become comfortable in your own skin.

Yes we can update our wardrobe, find a new sense of style and own it, of course we can. Treat yourself to a couple of ‘new to you’ key pieces.

A top tip is to take a trusted friend or confidante along to help and give you honest advice, or even try a personal shopper experience - someone who is seeing you with a fresh pair of eyes and skilled in what suits which body shape. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune either.

Accessories can change or update an outfit instantly; accessories ALWAYS fit, and there are plenty to choose from to suit every budget.

Don’t be afraid to be bold, don’t blend into the background, own it and stand out from the crowd...

Remember: you are beautiful inside and out.

You’re not invisible. You’re a hottie. You’re invincible.

Stay cool. And if you can’t be cool, stay ventilated!

Julie x

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