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Menopausal Hotties - Holiday SOS ~ ‘Save Our Sizzle’

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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Holiday SOS ~ ‘Save Our Sizzle’

‘How to be a Hottie holiday goddess and not an erupting, smouldering heap of volcanic molten lava’

Now hotties, let’s be honest - holidays may no longer fill you with delight but fill you with dread, as only us hotties can understand.

The dread at the thought of getting *even* hotter (is that possible?!?) can make some of us come out in a cold(ish) sweat (if only!!).

Exposing our shape-changing bodies to the world may make some of us a little shy and vulnerable. C’mon we all deserve our time to shine as we bask in the glory of the sun. Our bodies glistening, relaxing on a beach or poolside while sipping a cold margarita.

I can guess what you’re thinking hottie: “those days of carefree fun in the sun are long gone”. Hmmmm, well think again, my little ray of sunshine!

So the question for you my fellow hotness is: “can the sun still equal fun even in our hottie world?”

Hell yes!! With our superpowers, of course it can. But there are a few golden rules and tips to staying cool ???? And no. Don’t fret; we don’t have to head for the nudist beaches in our birthday suits...

Most of us can relate to the stressful pre-holiday preparations with the pressure of deciding what to wear, pack, organising the logistics etc etc. So it’s important to keep those pre-holiday stress levels to a minimum.

Delegation: Pass on the baton, don’t take on everyone else’s tasks. What can you delegate and to whom? Make your list and assign roles. Take control. You’re a fearless warrior.

Preparation is Queen of cool. Don't leave everything to the last minute or you’ll send those hormones into a whole new orbit. Re-entering the earth’s stratosphere would feel chilly in comparison!!

Try a little meditation. Take time out for you. Play relaxing music, pour a glass of your favourite tipple, and most of all, make it FUN.

It goes without saying that keeping your body hydrated is essential while we bask and sizzle in the glory of our hottie-ness.

Top tips for staying hydrated:

  • Drink plenty of water - around 2 litres a day.
  • Don’t overdo the alcohol as it can dehydrate, sending our flushes into overdrive. There are so many alcohol-free mocktails which taste good, look great, so no need to super stoke and fuel your inner heater any more than is necessary. If a mocktail is an insult to your sensibilities, try long, cool drinks - spritz your white wine with plenty of soda water or lemonade. Waistline, budget and hottie-friendly! #WinWin
  • Keep caffeine to a minimum where possible, as this also impacts those flushes in a negative way. Try swapping for an energy boosting fruit/veggie juice, or hot water with fresh lemon - good for the skin and digestion. If like me though you can’t resist a cuppa, for every tea or coffee, also drink a glass or two of water.
  • Don’t over exert yourself hottie. Don’t run around trying to keep everyone happy; this is your holiday too; but if you do, quickly replace those lost body fluids with plenty of water, plus a little bit more water again for good measure.

Stay cool. We know you’re cool already, but those hottie flushes can make it unbearable, so here are a few tricks of the trade to stay super cool:

  • Wear natural fibres such as cotton, silk or bamboo.
  • Keep clothing loose. There’s nothing worse than squeezing into your clothes with no room to breathe while having a hot flush. Let that fresh air circulate baby!
  • Layer up with thin layers, so you can easily peel them off one by one to cool down your ‘hot to trot’ self.
  • Carry a trusted hand fan around - now you look pretty sophisticated senorita-style!
  • A refreshing cooling spray is a hottie’s best friend. Top tip: chill it in the fridge for a few hours before you go out. Pure chilled heaven in a spray bottle.

Diet: Try and eat as healthy as possible. Maximise fresh fruit and veg while minimising those high carbs and fat laden foods which we know can supercharge our flushes. Fish and white lean meats are another good option, and I don’t mean a trip to the fish and chip shop either! Although all things in moderation.

Supplements are an essential way to boost our vitamin and minerals, especially those packed with antioxidants, vitamins C, B, D and E. All reported to be good in helping protect the skin, support our liver, boosting our metabolism and general wellbeing.

Sunscreen protects us from the sun-damaging UV and UVA rays. Top tip: Put it on before you go into the sun. That way you stay cool while applying, it’s easily absorbed and you’re ready to rock.

Better yet, stay out of too much direct sunlight. Try using a good pre-tan or self tan.

Our skin doesn’t have the elasticity it once did and the sun isn’t a hottie’s best friend but we do need a boost of vitamin D from the sun. Plenty of moisturiser keeps the skin supple and healthy.

A straw or cotton hat can be rather trendy and help you keep a cool head, not to mention protecting our hair from the elements. Invest in great hair care products, to protect it in the long run.

Good sunglasses not only protect the eyes, but also look good, and hide those sleep-deprived, tell-tale dark circles. Don’t be afraid to rock them with a touch of colour, own it baby, own it!

Swimwear. Treat yourself so you feel good. Don’t skimp on this key holiday foundation piece. You’ll wear it more than any other item, so feeling good in it is the only option.

Now hotties don’t be afraid of colour either, as it’s instantly anti ageing, but if you insist on being a goth in your swimwear, then add some colourful accessories to bring it bang on trend. Maybe a fabulous bright/sparkly bag, a cover up, or kimono for extra hottie va va voom!

Whatever you choose, swimming costume, bikini, shorts. own it and feel good. You go girl.

Remember hotties - you rock it.

Be like Apollo - the classic sun goddess - and get ready for lift off, like the hottie rocket you are! Head for the sky, moon and stars you glorious ray of sunshine!

Stay cool until next time, and remember: what happens on holiday stays on holiday. Vegas baby!!

Love Julie x

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