December 2019

Menopausal Hotties - it’s ‘F’ time…

The hottest topic in town: Menopausal Hotties...

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Menopausal hotties, it’s ‘F’ time…

As we push on through the menopausal ABCs, we’ve reached that point where it’s time to drop some ‘F’ bombs!

Flush, Fatigue, Fluctuation - the 3 Fs of hot flushes.

I can think of another word beginning with F to describe them, but we are too civilised to say it here. Tho to give you a clue it rhymes with ‘duck you, mother ducker’.

To flush or not to flush that is the question. Fear not hotties, your life is not going down the pan just yet - well not on our watch! So let’s just flush away the hot myths while trying out some cool solutions.

**Please remember, we are all unique so one size doesn’t fit all**

Most hotties have experienced the unwelcome fire, surging through us like a furnace on full blast coming from out of the blue, completely flooring us with its short yet super-powerful surges.

Often leaving you to lose your train of thought, feeling exposed or embarrassed (it’s nature/natural, so nothing to be embarrassed about), making us sprint from a room faster than an Olympic athlete, as we run in search of the nearest fan, cold spot, open door or fridge-freezer.

It’s a struggle to maintain some decorum when all you want to do is strip off a layer or two, while beads of sweat form on your top lip, and/or your remaining items of clothing stick to your glam but clammy bod!

And just when you vaguely start to feel something resembling ‘normal’...BOOM! It strikes you again, with a renewed vengeance like a persistent hot rebel, relentlessly reminding us of the changes our bodies are undergoing. It’s exhausting - no wonder we hotties feel totally fatigued!

So what is it exactly, which causes our bodies to spontaneously combust, I mean flush!? No prizes for guessing - it’s those pesky Fluctuating hormones soaring and dropping at random. Even a slight drop can set the furnace off on its merry, fiery chain reaction.

So how can we cool down our furnace, and do our best to manage our flushes? Here are some top tips and advice I’ve found online, along with some anecdotal wisdom from a few of my flushed yet fabulous fellow hotties!

**These do not constitute nor replace medical advice - please consult a healthcare professional/relevant expert to establish what is best for you**

  • Diet: We have covered this before, but it doesn’t hurt to revisit and recap. Eating less carbohydrates; adding a variety of green, colourful veg and fruit, and protein; reduce/ease off high-fat, processed foods.
    Healthily and safely losing a few surplus pounds may help in some cases with the ‘flush factor’. Please consult a professional to ensure you do not jeopardise your health.
  • Lay off the alcohol and caffeine, or at least limit yourself. Alcohol, as with caffeine, are both known to trigger flushes. Let’s try to cut down, and not have that last cup of tea before going to bed. Or maybe try decaff/herbal ones or warmed milk if you can’t go without a warming bedtime drink!
  • Wear (light) layers, so you can discreetly peel off a layer or two without feeling self-conscious. Natural fibres such as cotton or linen are best. Nature and nurture in harmony...Ahhh!
  • Drink water to stay hydrated - the best way to keep the body functioning well. When you think you’ve had enough, try to drink another glass or two throughout the day, although not too much before bedtime.
  • Keep a fan nearby in the room, or a compact, handheld one for on the go emergencies. We don’t want the hot flush police ruining our day.
  • Supplements and/or HRT: Many hotties swear by them - literally and metaphorically - leaving some feeling transformed. Do your research first - whether it’s a natural blend of plants and herbs, or a prescription drug, it’s a very personal decision.

Own it, don’t run away. It’s a natural part of our life journey. We are in another phase change. You my dearest hotties are stronger than you know. So no flushing our hotness down any pan.

On the plus side, every day and night can be your own Disco Inferno without having to leave your home comforts or set foot in a noisy sweaty nightclub ever again. Burn baby burn!

It’s time to shine, glisten like a goddess and show off that confident hottie super power, and be flushed by your own success and tenacity!
F is for: flourishing, feminine, fan-freaking-tastic fabulousness!!

Festive greetings to you all my fellow fillies!
Julie x

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