April 2019

Fashion Feast - Bunny

You are cordially invited to our sumptuous Fashion Feast where you can devour our artistic and ingenious photo and video shoot.

Enjoy the madness, mischief and mayhem with #TeamHeaven while we indulge our creativity and watch the magic unfold...

“Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You’ve got to have fun with it to make it work!

Think of all the endless possibilities of what you can create. Let your imagination run riot. Have fun, glam up - Love it! Rock it! Own it!"

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The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs.

Usually cute and fluffy, I was rather looking forward to this pretty shoot - all in pink, white and spring-like pastels, with a big smiling face. Perhaps a generous dusting of sparkly glitter and crystals too? just to maximise the prettiness and cuteness of this shoot.

Whoa, back up there Flopsy!! Beth had others ideas! Of course she did. As we’ve previously mentioned - and you’ve probably already spotted - cutesie pie is NOT in her remit. She likes to be different and there was NO way on earth, was she going to turn me into the stereotypical Easter Bunny! Tho’ I did notice she didn’t turn her nose up at the Easter chocs I had within easy reach of my paws...

Beth clearly shares the same warped, genius mindset as Tim Burton - her vision was more sinister and dark, and wanting to leave our readers feeling a little unhinged!

Cue the SFX makeup and in an emmaheaven.com first, she broke out the prosthetics makeup to totally transform my face.

Gone was Emma Heaven in a cloud of paint, prosthetic clay, latex, fireline thread, disappearing faster than a rabbit in a magician’s top hat! And in her place was an evil looking bunny!

When Beth was satisfied with her creation and the bunny ears were on, not even my husband recognised me! For anyone who’s ever fancied dating a Bunny girl be careful what you wish for!!

**Beth Jones**

beth jones


“And now we invite you backstage to see this month’s shoot: Bunny.”


Producer: Emma Heaven
Location: Studio Heaven
Photographer: Adrian Heaven
Makeup created and applied by: Beth Jones
Video filmed by: Jack Heaven
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Social media clips & photos: Jack Heaven
Music: People Are Strange - Echo And The Bunnymen

Thank you to everyone on #TeamHeaven involved in creating this issue’s shoot and video.

Your creativity and commitment never ceases to amaze me!

Come join us falling down the rabbit hole and watch the creation of our eccentric ‘Bunny’...




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