November 2018

Ladies With Attitude - Our Top 5 favourite TV programmes - EVER!

Introducing Ladies With Attitude (LWA)

The LWA is a panel of strong, straight-talking ladies with a great sense of humour. We get together once a month to discuss a ‘killer question’ on varied topics such as marriage, sex, diets, online dating and anything else we can think of. Even the controversial stuff! Nothing is taboo...

With this in mind we have awarded this video an 18 certificate, as it contains some language and sexual references… So none of that fluffy stuff for us!

Like big kids, we’re desperately trying to persuade Santa we’ve been good all year, but reckon we’re probably at the top of his naughty list…Ho hum! Filmed before a live audience, the Ladies With Attitude gathered at our home from home, The Hyst in Swansea.

Absolutely no blushes were spared to bring you this latest production. We’re pretty selfless - or should that be shameless?! - like that!

Were we nervous? Nah! We’re experts now! The meditation and mantras are finally paying off!

Were we excited? YES! Of course. Is there any other setting?! Besides naughty and mischievous…

Did we bring the house down? We had a great time! We always do. You’ll have to watch the video and ask our guests if you want to find out more ...

We charmed and disarmed The Hyst in spectacular, typical LWA fashion where we discussed:

“Our Top 5 favourite TV programmes - EVER!”

This month’s LWA was sponsored by Bella Beauty/Facebook:

If you would like to sponsor The LWA please contact us for more info at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This month’s panel:

Emma Heaven
Christie Heaven
Joolz Raven Stewart
Louise Ellar

Venue: The Hyst, High Street, Swansea, SA1 1PE
Video filmed & edited by: Adrian Heaven
Sponsored by: Bella Beauty, 59 Crwys Terrace, Penlan, Swansea, SA5 9AH / Phone: 07966 984806

Watch and listen to what the increasingly notorious Ladies With Attitude unleash this month…These ladies are many things, but beige and bland they most definitely are NOT!
We apologise in advance for the sound quality of this video.
Unfortunately we suffered technical problems that couldn’t be resolved, during the live recording.