June 2018

The Ministry of Glamour - Louise Ellar

The MOG was created to give the readers of emmaheaven.com the chance to win a glamorous makeover and photo shoot with #teamheaven.

After all - who doesn't want to dress up and have fun?
Let us make your dream become a reality...


I’m delighted to introduce the latest competition winner and next member to enter the hallowed halls of our Ministry of Glamour. The competition is an opportunity to join our Ministry of Glamour, by winning a makeover and photo shoot with the fabulous #TeamHeaven.

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure, to introduce you to Louise Ellar.

Here is Louise’s winning nomination.


Louise Ellar

After reading that nomination there was no doubt that Louise would be taking her place in our Ministry of Glamour. I couldn’t wait to call to tell her the news...

photo 1There were lots of long silences, tears and disbelief, followed by many texts over the course of that evening, thanking us for the opportunity as the news slowly began to sink in.

Louise was quite hesitant when she arrived for her makeover and photoshoot, but after some fortifying fizz, I put her in the friendly, capable and talented hands of Jenna Kelly (MUA), Hilary Jones (hair) and Adrian Heaven (photos) and watched the magic of a makeover unfold.

Louise is a very special lady, and has lost some of her confidence along the way - this shoot is the start of something special and it’s been such a privilege to watch her gain confidence in her appearance and personality. Look out world - Louise Ellar is back!

I’ll hand you over to Louise to tell you more about herself and how she found the whole experience:

“Hi. Where do I start?! My name is Louise Ellar, I’m married to David and have three handsome sons: Lewis 16, Harley 14 and Finley who is 12. I work full time as a training advisor at a college and feel privileged to work with some wonderful people, setting up apprenticeships for employers. I thoroughly enjoy this role.

I always say that, having sons and working full time, that ‘trying to juggle it all’ is an understatement - this never ceases to amaze me with the challenges it brings along with some proper crazy times, which I take in my stride with the help of my lovely family and friends.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing. At the age of 15 I had a serious horse riding accident, which resulted in a partial amputation to my ankle/foot, along with a broken leg. I will always be so grateful to my sister and (then) boyfriend who helped me that day, and my family who supported me through two years of learning to walk and rehabilitation.

In total, it’s been almost 30 years of continual operations, chronic pain and living with a permanent disability, which has taken time to get used to; and I still need to have more surgery which I’m not looking forward to.

With health issues deteriorating, I was lucky to have a gastric sleeve which helped me to lose weight (which at its peak, was over 20 stone). The pain was so bad that I could barely walk when I took this massive decision, in order to be in less pain, to reduce pain killing medication, but most importantly, to see my children grow up. I was borderline diabetic, and at greater risk of increased blood pressure and future heart problems.

After the gastric operation in October 2017, although the weight started to visibly drop off no one could see how I was feeling inside. People would look at my shrinking frame, however my confidence slipped to an all time low. Anxiety and depression kicked in, alongside throat complications and hair loss. I had no idea these things could potentially happen. I was lost, like a cloud drifting in the wind, not knowing where I was going, where I would end up, or if I would get there at all.

After seeking help from my GP, I was diagnosed with depression*, brought on by the weight loss - I’ve since learnt that this can be a natural process to go through, as there is a link to physiological and psychological issues after surgery. I am in the process of setting up a support group to help other bariatric patients on their journey.”

[* Help is available out there. You don’t have to suffer in silence. If you are in the UK/Ireland, #TeamHeaven recommends you contact the Samaritans - they provide confidential emotional support 24/7 to anyone in emotional distress or struggling to cope - their telephone helpline is 116 123.]

“With all of this going on, trying to be strong so that I wouldn’t be seen as a failure, plus work changes alongside the usual wife/mother jobs, it all took its toll on me. I started to become less sociable, and it was affecting my work - I am so grateful to my bosses who helped me to stay motivated.

Then from out of the blue, I had a phone call from Emma Heaven to tell me that not only had I been nominated for the Ministry of Glamour, but I had won it too! I think that's the only time I have ever been speechless. I’m so glad I answered the call as cold callers are the bane of my life! I wasn’t able to tell anyone until the ‘reveal’ and the thought of being pampered made me feel anxious as I was so worried that not much, if anything, could be done with my hair.

I didn’t know what to expect on the night of the makeover. I arrived at Emma’s #StudioHeaven in a daze as I had received some bad news earlier that day; I needn’t have worried, as I was warmly welcomed into the studio, and I soon started to relax and feel at ease. Comfortably seated, with a glass of prosecco in my hand, the lovely hair stylist and makeup artist started to work their magic on me. I could see Emma’s face light up!

I cannot describe how I felt when I was asked to look in the mirror...I was unrecognisable and an inner beauty seemed to have been found. Then it was time for the photo shoot. I was instantly put at ease and it is obvious that Emma has a fantastic flair for fashion as she had me wearing colours that I would never have tried in a million years.

I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and it has opened up my eyes to fashion and trends. So let’s hope those lottery numbers come up as I’ve now discovered a love for fashion shopping!

Much love to you all and thanks to Mr and Mrs H, Jenna and Hilary, and to Wendy who nominated me. I will forever be grateful.”


Ministry of glamourphoto 2

Now please step through the door of the Ministry Of Glamour to see Louise in all her glamorous glory...








And so the search begins once more. 

Could you be our next member of the Ministry of Glamour?

All you need to do is tell us in no more than 150 words why you, or someone you want to nominate, deserves to be the next member of MOG.

You will need to send in your entry, along with a contact phone number, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 14th August 2018.

The winner will be contacted the following week, to be booked in for a makeover and photo shoot, where they will be styled and photographed by the fabulous Team Heaven.

The MOG winner will get the full emmaheaven.com E.I.P. (Extremely Important Person) treatment and experience and get their photos hung forever in the Ministry of Glamour.

Let us make your wish our command!

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