September 2017

Angie Barnett

I am a psychic medium from South Wales.

I use tarot cards and mediumship to help and guide my clients, so that they might leave with answers to any questions and concerns they have.

angie barnett profile picTrust in the power of the supernatural world where you can get answers above and beyond your wildest dreams…

Hello, and welcome back to my column. Firstly, I would like to thank each and every one of the readers who welcomed me to the wonderful Emma Heaven online magazine and what a terrific first month it’s been.

Our message has been received loud and clear from all over the world. I’ve received emails and Cosmic Whispers from America, Mexico, Germany, England, France and not forgetting our home land of Wales.

Some of the emails I’ve received have been both heartbreaking yet inspirational at the same time. It’s amazing how we think we are having a tough time until we read a letter that truly touches us emotionally in places we never thought possible. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and most of all, I wished more than anything I had a magic wand to wave to make it all better, because that’s how they do it in the movies.

We have something way more powerful than that, we have ‘The Power of Prayer’. Not only do we have the power to send amazing thoughts and vibes to each and every reader, we are asking you all from wherever you are in the world to join us in making a difference in someone else’s world. Oceans and miles are not obstacles when magic is involved.

I would love for you all to watch this month’s video. Not only does it guide you on how to reach me personally, it also allows you to see how simple just the touch of a button can be to get your message heard. I personally read and respond to them all, I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions. If you feel you’d like more of an in-depth personal one-to-one Psychic Reading then we can arrange it at that time.

The Cosmic Whispers make someone smile. They give hope, they show a light at the end of what may seem a very dark tunnel. There are no limitations to what you can ask a prayer for, it may be for yourself, are you in desperate need of divine intervention? Sometimes we don’t get the answers we’re looking for in the natural world, allow us to help, guide and support you in the ‘supernatural world’.

We don’t give to receive in life if the gift is from the heart, but boy doesn’t it feel good when you’ve done something for someone with no personal gain intended from it, yes it does! You have the power, with just the click of that button ‘Ask Angie for guidance and support’ to make a difference TODAY….

Click away, I’ll look forward to receiving them and sharing the wonderful results with you all in October. Catch you next time.


If you have any concerns or questions you would like answered then reach out to me and I will help and guide you.

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Cosmic Whisper

 We all know someone in need of a prayer, a little bit of healing or guidance - they may need a hug or a supernatural hug.

The power of thought is as amazing as is the power of touch…

Send us your questions and concerns and we will add them into our wonderful world of prayer and create some of the most amazing healing that will take place all over the world.

Imagine how that’s going to feel by having the same touch and the same prayer from everybody else around the world.

The Cosmic Whisper is about to begin…

And it starts right here…


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See you next month with all the magic from Chriswick.


Angie xxx

All Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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