October 2017


A backstage pass to the world of #fashionheaven

Take a peek behind the scenes to see how some of the features on emmaheaven.com are created and brought together every month.

“And now we invite you backstage to see this month’s shoot: Little Hyst Of Horrors.”


Producer: Emma Heaven
Location: The Hyst, Swansea
Photographer: Adrian Heaven
Makeup created and applied by: Jenna Kelly
Hair created and styled by: Hilary Jones
Emma II pod created by: Sarah Heaven
Emma II foliage, vines and tongue created by: Rianon Jones
Video filmed by: Christie Heaven
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Social media clips & photos: Christie Heaven
Music: Little Shop Of Horrors (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) Prologue - Alan Menken & Howard Ashma

Thank you to everyone on #TeamHeaven involved in the making of this issue’s video.
Your creativity and commitment never ceases to amaze me!

A special thankyou to my sister Sarah for giving up weeks of her life to help with my mad ideas and creating the most spectacular pod. And Rianon Jones who quite literally, brought the pod to life, to give us Emma II.

Also thanks to Kris Brown, of Pimped Up Pins, for being such a good sport, who brings so much fun and enthusiasm to the set and never questions or raises an eyebrow when I tell him what I need!

This shoot was totally bonkers. Thankfully the team are now used to the madness and chaos from my increasingly quirky ideas. Their minds are already boggling as to what I have up my sleeve for the next shoot!

Enjoy. And don’t have nightmares #FeedMe.

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