March 2017

Beauty Warrior

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could stop the ageing process? Actually it would be nothing short of a miracle! 

So for now I’ll settle for trying to slow it down with facials, probes, lasers, lotions and potions - so long as no needles or knives are involved.

The world of Botox and fillers is not for me as quite frankly, the results, combined with no real understanding of the long term effects they might cause, scare the life out of me!

Join me on my quest to:

  1. Try and stop - or at least slow down - those pesky little lines in their tracks!.
  2. Help tighten my skin as its elasticity or lack of, is starting to make itself known..
  3. Manage and/or adapt to the inevitable changes to our skin and bodies as we get older.

The first treatment on my quest is NeoGen Plasma Skin Regeneration - NonSurgical Eye Lift. This procedure was performed by Jodie Grove at The Grove Skin Clinic, Swansea.

I won’t pretend that I wasn’t anxious beforehand, as I knew it was going to be uncomfortable with a week’s downtime afterwards for the skin to recover.

Here I am with the numbing cream on - ready to face the machine...

Before photo

Here’s the video of the Non Surgical Eyelift and recovery in all its glory...

And here I am - a big smile on my face, wearing a fabulous oversized pair of Gucci sunglasses to hide and protect my eyes (I was feeling very sorry for myself) - leaving the clinic - relieved the procedure was over yet impatient to see the results!

Getting older may be compulsory. Growing up is entirely optional! No prizes for guessing which way I’m planning to age!

After photo


Procedure: Neogen Plasma Skin Regeneration - Non Surgical Eye Lift
Clinician: Jodie Grove
Venue: The Grove Skin Clinic, Swansea
Client: Emma Heaven
Video filmed by: Christie Heaven
Photographer: Christie Heaven
Video edited by: Adrian Heaven
Music: Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret - after all, I am on a quest to find the key/secret to help my skin look good and slow down the ageing process for as long as possible!

For more information visit the website: or contact the salon 01792 447630.

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