March 2017

Fashion Feast

You are cordially invited to our sumptuous Fashion Feast where you can devour our artistic and ingenious photo and video shoot.

Enjoy the madness, mischief and mayhem with #TeamHeaven while we indulge our creativity and watch the magic unfold...

“Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You’ve got to have fun with it to make it work!

Think of all the endless possibilities of what you can create. Let your imagination run riot. Have fun, glam up - Love it! Rock it! Own it!"

  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise

**Still I Rise**

Still I rise headlineStill I Rise is emblazoned on the back of Lewis Hamilton’s racing helmet and tattooed across his back. Its significance to him is how he has managed to rise against all odds, and comes from the late Maya Angelou’s poem of the same title.

I am a Formula 1 fanatic and have been watching it since I was a young girl. I have followed Lewis’ phenomenal career since he burst onto the scene in 2007; to me he is truly one of the greats! He is exciting to watch, passionate about the sport, and he never gives up.

With the start of the 2017 season about to start and SkySports F1 being the most watched channel in our house I look forward to watching Lewis regain his world champion title. There will be highs and lows, but no matter what challenges are thrown at him Lewis will overcome them. Still I Rise

The song I chose for the video is Katy Perry’s Rise. The lyrics are so powerful and are often used when Sky Sports F1 create a montage of Lewis winning a race after a particularly difficult racing weekend.


  “Through the madness and chaos.”

“Victory is in my veins.”

“They’re whispering, “You’re out of time”, But still, I rise.”

And so with Lewis and Formula 1 as my inspiration, it seemed only fitting that our March photo shoot was centred around a car! A beautiful ‘Italian racing red’ Jaguar.

The outfit choice was easy! As Formula 1 is a male-dominated sport I wanted an androgynous look. I wanted to wear a more masculine type suit yet still looking feminine. Cue one fabulous black blazer from Asilio. It’s an off the shoulder fitted blazer that features a wide lapel that acts as a collar around the shoulders. It also features a double breasted front with contrast gold buttons.

Black DKNY bootcut trousers and Christian Louboutin pumps completed this simple yet striking look.

No accessories were needed except for a simple pair of diamond earrings.

NailsNails: Created and painted by Rebecca Clark of Irresistible Beauty.

Here’s how she created my Still I Rise nails.

**Rebecca Clark**

Rebecca ClarkCroeso* guys!!

*That’s Welsh for ‘welcome’, bienvenu, willkomen... [you get the idea!]

When Emma gave me this month’s brief - black, red and gold with an androgynous twist - I immediately thought of lines, angles and edges!

With the black tux and a red Jag there was only one way to go...

So we all pretty much know by now that Emma loves a bit of sparkle but this month - without throwing too much of a spanner in the works - we had to step away from the glitter! Or almost dragged away kicking and screaming, as I'm a sucker for a bit of glitz too!

This month it was all about the block colour with an edge.

Stepping out of Emma's comfort zone we changed her nails from the usual oval/rounded shape to pointed nails. Adding more to the sharp edged theme.

After soaking off Emma's last sparkly set (obvs) I shaped her nails into points. Not sharp enough to do any damage to her hubby don't worry!
I decided to go for a red all over with a black pointed tip.

After applying two coats of Shellac’s 'Wildfire' red, I started on the black tips.
To create a pointed French tip, I painted Shellac’s 'Blackpool', diagonally down one side of the tip then set them. I was going to go back and paint the other side to create the point but we decided that the half diagonal tip looked rather effective!

I've done pointed French before so it was refreshing to have a change!

After Emma told me about the gold buttons on her tux I couldn't help but add a bit of jazz and pzazz with a crystal or two ... or three. How could we not!?

For a victory lap of honour I added golden/bronze crystals on the middle nails to add a touch of femininity to these talons - after all we have just celebrated being strong, kick- ass women with 'International Women’s Day'.

I'm looking forward to seeing Emma on her next visit to see how she got along with going cold turkey on the glitter... I'll keep you updated .

See you all soon !

Rebecca signature

Thank you Rebecca for creating such beautiful nails.

Book yourself into the award-winning Irresistible Beauty, Treboeth, Swansea on 01792 773887 to let them work their mani/pedi magic on your nails too.

HairHair: Created and styled by Hilary Jones from Pimped Up Pins hair salon.

Here is how she achieved the Still I Rise hair style.

**Hilary Jones**


Androgynous and classic elegance was the brief for this month’s shoot.

Emma’s hair needed to be sleek and straight, so it was prepped using heat defence spray and straightened back away from her face.

A side parting was added to give direction, with the hair dampened down with water and Tigi’s Small Talk to sleek the hair and remove any strays.

The hair was placed in a low ponytail and the band was obscured using a piece of hair from the ponytail, wrapped around the band and secured with a bobby pin.

The look was finished using hairspray and shine spray to keep in place.

Bring on the next challenge...

 Hilary signature

Thank you Hilary for creating such an amazing hairstyle.

Hilary is available to cut, style and /or colour your hair at Pimped Up Pins, Treboeth, Swansea. 01792 799775.

Makeup: Created and applied by Jenna Kelly.

Here’s how she interpreted this month’s look.

**Jenna Kelly**

JennaThis may just be my fav EVER glam!!! Yes...I said it!

I am all about tailored, no fuss, strong fashion...and when I saw this month’s outfit I knew exactly what to do!!

We’re going to dive straight in at the deep end again with a before and after look at the makeup created on Emma for this month’s shoot. I love seeing how we can transform her from head to toe, hair, makeup, styling... and each month is so completely different. The before and after shots really bring to life the transformation of our vision... starting with this little beauty!



Jenna photo

As you can see from the snaps above we went for total POWER glam! Sleek, glossy and gorgeous!

For Emma’s makeup I used layers and layers of glowing highlight, from skin prep, liquid illuminators to powder highlights to really give her a killer glow and glossy skin!

Beautiful simple skin, a strong brow and sharp cheek bones were the staples of this glam that really pulled everything together. I wanted a not so full coverage skin this time around, but still something that showed off the natural creamy look that Emma has to her skin (she has amazing skin after years of really looking after it).

Finally we finished off with a racing red lip to match the INSANELY amazing racing red car she was pictured with!

If this look doesn’t scream ‘powerful, glam woman in charge’ then nothing will!

A few key products in pulling this look together this month:

  • Mac Fluidline eyeliner in Blacktrack
  • Morphe Brow Powder in Auburn
  • L’oreal Lipstick in Pure Eva
  • Chanel Universal Bronzer

JK’s Product of the month:

This month’s absolute must have is of course a red lip! We used a gorgeous red tone (details above) to give Emma a pout to die for! Choose a great lip liner when using a bold colour, and make sure to apply a generous layer to avoid a ‘washed out’ look. Have fun!!

Jenna signature

Thank you Jenna for creating this striking look.

You can find out all about Jenna and her work at


“And now we invite you backstage to see this month’s shoot: Still I Rise.”


Producer: Emma Heaven
Location: Studio Heaven
Photographer: Adrian Heaven
Makeup created and applied by: Jenna Kelly
Hair created and styled by: Hilary Jones
Video filmed by: Shannon Heaven
Video edited by: Rhys Warlow
Social Media Clips & photos: Christie Heaven
Music: Rise - Katy Perry

Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this issue’s video. It was very creative, lots of fun and absolutely freezing as we filmed outdoors in the aftermath of Storm Doris! Don’t you just love the good old British weather?! Roll on summer!

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