March 2017

Ladies With Attitude

Introducing Ladies With Attitude (LWA)

The LWA is a panel of strong, straight-talking ladies with a great sense of humour. We get together once a month to discuss a ‘killer question’ on varied topics such as marriage, sex, diets, online dating and anything else we can think of. Even the controversial stuff! Nothing is taboo...

With this in mind we have awarded this video an 18 certificate, as it contains some language, sexual references... and gasp, shockingly true stories which were divulged freely and under no duress! Although maybe with a little bit of alcohol which helped further loosen the tongues...

With spring about to be sprung it’s time to start thinking about getting our bodies ready for more ‘exposure’, as hopefully the weather’s getting warmer and drier, and eventually we will be able to stop wearing quite so many layers!

On the panel to discuss this month’s ‘killer question’:

“To groom or not to groom?!” are:

Emma Heaven
Wendy Thomas
Christie Heaven
Kirsti Thomas

Video filmed and edited by: Shannon Heaven

Let’s see what hilarious stories and ideas the Ladies With Attitude unleash this month...

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