July 2017

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Sacha Hammett

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“I am a mum of two teenage children and wife to Dewi (he is my biggest child).

I embarked on a lifestyle change seven years ago and I have never looked back!

As I grew in confidence over the years, I decided I wanted to give something back. I went to college to study Sports Massage Therapy and guess what? I am pretty good at it!”

story photo 1“Are you really Sacha Hammett?” I thought when I read this pretty bold statement on Sacha’s Facebook Page. Well let me be the judge of that! I have several problematic injuries that needed attention so I couldn’t wait to book Sacha to put her through her paces to find out just how good she really is!

While Sacha was going to (hopefully) work her magic on me, I was going to interview her! This could prove to be very interesting.

“When I started on my weight loss journey not only was I changing my eating habits, I was changing my whole lifestyle. I had a healthy body and I also wanted a healthy mind and was now drawn to pursue a career down the fitness path.

My husband Dewi has always suffered with back problems and was always asking me to massage his back - at the time I had no idea what I was doing - so there I would be poking and prodding but he would claim that it had made a big difference and so he encouraged me to look into it as a career.

This encouragement, coupled with the fact that as I upped my exercise regime so I was experiencing more muscle soreness. This gave me the push and incentive I needed to find out more about becoming a Sports Therapist, and so I signed up for a full-time course at my local college.

story photo 2Two years later I qualified as a Sports Therapist.

With this qualification under my belt I started by setting up a Facebook page. This, plus a lot of client referrals from my personal trainer, the business has grown and grown from word of mouth.

Although I am a Sports Massage Therapist, you don’t have to do sport or exercise to book a massage with me; anyone can benefit from a sports massage whether they exercise every day, or just suffer from back pain. My clients vary in age, occupation, how active they are and what treatment they require.

I do the massages at my therapy room, however there are some clients who cannot travel to me, so I visit them.

I want a successful business and to be the top ‘go-to’ sports massage therapist in Swansea.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is receiving a message after a client’s treatment saying how much better they feel. It gives me a real sense of pride and satisfaction that I’ve helped someone. It is a very rewarding job.

Massage and exercise go hand in hand. You cannot keep punishing your body in the gym without giving your muscles time to repair and recover; if you don’t there is no progress in your training. Massage is used to promote healing, enhance a person’s health and well being, relieving stress, tension, pain and a whole host of other ailments.

An added personal bonus from qualifying as a Sports Massage Therapist, is the life-changing impact that has had on my life, giving me a wonderful confidence boost and a job I absolutely love.”

story photo 3So there I was lying on the table while Sacha gave my muscles a ‘good talking to’ - getting in there and sorting them out. At times I wanted to ‘return the favour!’ especially after talking through my own ‘personal pain scale’; she told me she wouldn’t go over an ‘eight’ - lucky me eh!?

Sacha performs a massage that is very much ‘results driven’; these are not your classic relaxing Swedish massages; these are deep tissue massages designed to sort out issues which you will see the benefit from. This massage is more invasive than your standard one, and will more than likely be a little uncomfortable but the after effects are amazing.

Sacha assesses as she goes along - you will literally get a ‘full body MOT’ with an explanation as to what is wrong and how she is going to treat it. This impressed me as I felt I was in safe, knowledgeable hands and that all my knotty problems would be ironed out.

It’s safe to say Sacha Hammett really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Sports Massage Therapy and she truly cares about her client’s wellbeing.

Sacha listens, assesses and formulates a treatment plan which I guarantee will have you feeling better the minute she’s finished. So much so I see Sacha every few weeks to help keep my body as pain free as possible.

So going back to Sacha’s bold Facebook statement “...and guess what? I’m pretty good at it!”

The ‘judge’ laid on the (massage) bench. The jury was out. It deliberated. The muscles were recalibrated. And the verdict is in! I’d have to agree. You’re ‘pretty good’ indeed Sacha!

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