February 2017

Fashion Feast

You are cordially invited to our sumptuous Fashion Feast where you can devour our artistic and ingenious photo and video shoot.

Enjoy the madness, mischief and mayhem with #TeamHeaven while we indulge our creativity and watch the magic unfold...

“Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You’ve got to have fun with it to make it work!

Think of all the endless possibilities of what you can create. Let your imagination run riot. Have fun, glam up - Love it! Rock it! Own it!"

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Bollywood headlineDon’t you just love the oh so deliciously exotic world of Hindi cinema, Bollywood? The fabulous clothes, the vibrant colours, the wonderfully decadent jewellery, the hair, the makeup, the dancing, the FUN?!!! It just sizzles off the screen, tantalising the senses!

I just love it all, and I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity to indulge my Bollywood vision. Everything comes to those who wait - and finally the time had come...

So which came first? The outfit? the jewellery? the hair? Or the makeup? Well actually it was the music Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) by A.R. Rahman, and The Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger. It’s so upbeat, fun and very catchy - from the opening beats I immediately think of and am transported to Bollywood. So it was inevitable there would be a ‘Bollywood’ shoot one day!

The outfit was a cinch as it had been hanging in my wardrobe, waiting for the right occasion, with the tags still on it for a couple of years! It is a gorgeous, blush-coloured ‘Louie’ maxi skirt from Alice + Olivia with a mesh-overlay maxi abloom in wispy embroidery which starts high at the waist before sweeping to a lace hemline, creating a stunning length for a dreamy style. The skirt was worn with the matching blush coloured, sleeveless embroidered top, cut for a loose fit.

The hero of this look was the fabulous distinct Indian jewellery which was made for me by Glimour. (www.glimour.co.uk). The set comprised of a long Yaar necklace and a shorter necklace, Panja hand chains, a pair of earrings, a head chain Matha Patti and an armlet/Baju. Talk about making a statement! These jewels were simply stunning and gave the shoot an authentic Indian feel.

On my feet I wore jewelled ‘Enchanted’ Barefoot Sandals by Forever Soles. I had bought them to go to the Maldives but hadn’t got around to wearing them, so this was the perfect opportunity to put them through their paces. They looked incredible, complementing the jewellery perfectly.

NailsNails: Created and painted by Rebecca Clark of Irresistible Beauty. And here’s how she achieved my ‘Bollywood’ nails.


**Rebecca Clark**

Rebecca ClarkHey beautiful readers.

As it’s a new year, we've decided to start spicing up Emma's nail designs every month! And with this month’s Bollywood theme, spice was definitely the key word!

I usually have the pleasure of preening Emmas nails every two weeks, so when I returned from my January holiday to hear her raving about my lovely colleague Jess's nail design, I thought I needed to step up my nail game. We can't have someone else stealing the show!

Rather than going for the usual all over glitter (which Emma must admit she does love!), she gave me the Bollywood brief. I immediately thought CRYSTALS!! And LOTS of them!


So to create the look...

I started by painting Emma’s nails with one coat of Shellac’s 'Locket Love', a lovely pale, shimmery and - rather apt -champagne colour! To create the ombré effect, underneath the glitter I second coated with three different colours. The base of the nail started with 'Locket Love', blending into 'Cocoa' in the middle and finishing the tip with 'Rubble'. Basically a lighter gold at the nail bed, graduating through to a darker brown to give a strong base for the glitter.

The three glitters I used are by Lecenté. We sprinkled a bit of 'Sand' on the base, blending into 'Sahara' and ending with 'Bronze Ultra' This gave the look that Emma’s fingers had been dipped into a mix of melted gold! Move over Goldfinger!
To finish off this blinging, bedazzling Bollywood look there was only one answer. Crystals and gems galore!

I placed a large iridescent teardrop gem on the base of the middle nail, surrounding the teardrop with small bronze gems to give extra glitz. I thought, why not throw a pearl into the mix to complement Emma’s jewellery, so I popped that onto the end of the teardrop. To add even more sparkle (if it was possible) I added a single iridescent gem to the base of every other nail.

These have to be the most fancy nails I've ever done for Emma, so much fun!

Bring on the next challenge!

Rebecca signature

HairHair: Created and styled by Hilary Jones from Pimped Up Pins hair salon. And here’s how she achieved the Bollywood hair style.

**Hilary Jones**


Bollywood glamour...

Emma’s hair was straightened and placed in a centre parting.

Hair was sectioned ear to ear and pinned out of the way.

The hair at the back was placed in a ponytail with a large bun ring pinned underneath and the hair from the ponytail was dropped around the bun ring, secured at the base with a bobble.

The rest of the hair was tucked up and secured - hidden under the bun ring - leaving us with a lovely smooth effect.

The front was pulled back loosely on either side, covering half of the ear and secured at the top of the ponytail.

The finished style was checked and sprayed before adding Emma’s beautiful jewellery.

This was by far and away one of my favourite styles. I was amazed by the transformation.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month!

 Hilary signature

Thank you Hilary for creating such an amazing Bollywood hairstyle.

Hilary is available to cut, style and /or colour your hair at Pimped Up Pins, Treboeth, Swansea. 01792 799775.

Makeup: Created and applied by Jenna Kelly. And here’s how she interpreted this month’s Bollywood look.

**Jenna Kelly**

JennaHappy February everyone...

Bollywood called for some SERIOUS glam at this month’s shoot! The amount of bling was blinding, and we were all like little magpies! So much fun!

So this month I’ve mixed up the column a little, I hope you enjoy!

We’re going to dive straight in at the deep end with a before and after look at the makeup created on Emma for this months shoot. I love seeing how we can transform Emma from head to toe, hair, makeup, styling. Every month is so completely different. I thought including a before and after (which I don’t usually do, so you’re getting a little JK exclusive here) would enable us to see how our visions come to life... starting with this little beauty!

Jenna column

As you can see from the snaps we went for all out Bollywood glam and I wasn’t exaggerating when I said bling overload!

For Emma’s makeup I used her hair colour as a base for tones. When I think Bollywood I think warm amazing colours: red, orange, and sparkle. Emma’s hair has a beautiful deep red tone so I extended this into the eyeshadow, lip and cheek colour to really tie everything together. Blending a brick-toned red eyeshadow into the crease of Emma’s eyes meant that the gold used on her lid popped like crazy, giving a luxe and intense look to her amazing blue eyes. A strong brow and full coverage skin were key to achieving this look, and enough to hold the rest of the makeup (with that amazing jewellery) without looking too overpowering. To finish the look I used a warm berry-toned red lipstick which was bold enough to stand out under the jewelled nose ring.

A few key products in pulling this look together this month:

  • Mac Fluidline eyeliner in Blacktrack
  • Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in Colour 4
  • Mac Powder Blush in Peach Twist
  • Chanel Universal Bronzer

JK’s Product of the month:

This month’s absolute must have is HIGHLIGHTER! You cannot do Bollywood if you’re not glowing like the sun. We used Kiko wet and dry eyeshadow in colour 208 for Emma’s highlight elevating her to a sight of shimmering loveliness!

Jenna signature

Thank you Jenna for creating this dazzling Bollywood look. AND thank you for taking what is quite possibly the worst ‘before’ picture of me EVER!!! (I shudder when I even think of it! Couldn’t you have at least put my hair in the right place?!) Or were you getting your revenge for the fake tan fail?! IF that’s the case then I’d say we’re even, NOT!!!! Beware Jenna Kelly - have camera - will catch you!

You can find out all about Jenna and her work at jennakellymua.com.


“And now we invite you backstage to see this month’s shoot: Bollywood.”


Producer: Emma Heaven
Location: Studio Heaven
Photographer: Adrian Heaven
Makeup created and applied by: Jenna Kelly
Hair created and styled by: Hilary Jones
Video filmed by: Shannon Heaven
Video edited by: Rhys Warlow
Social Media Clips & photos: Christie Heaven
Music: Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Scherzinger.

Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this issue’s video. It was fun, dazzling, visually stunning and very, very messy!


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